Destiny 2 – How to get Easy Raid Loot from Last Wish using the Wall of Wishes

The Last Wish is one of the best Destiny raids ever created. It was introduced during Destiny 2: Forsaken and took over 19 hours for the first completion, eventually beat by Clan Redeem. You can get a bunch of great loot from this raid, but not everyone likes to raid or plays solo, which can make the loot inaccessible. The good news is you can use something called The Wall of Wishes to solo your way to some free loot each week. So this is a guide for how to get easy raid loot from Last Wish using the Wall of Wishes.

To get to the wall load up the Last Wish raid on the Dreaming City and head through the front door. There’s some dialogue where Riven welcomes you, however, you’re going to want to go to the left and then into the little door that opens.

Jump up and follow the corridors around and you want to go past the Tower of the Opened Eye. Rather than go in here, keep going round and jump onto the platform and then up. Duck down and go round and keep following the tunnel and jump up again. You’ll then be faced with the Wall of Wishes.

Here you can input various codes which will allow you to skip to various encounters in the game. What you want to do here is skip to the start of the second encounter and then make your way back to pick up the first chest. While at the wall enter this code (otherwise known as the Fourth Wish) and you’ll die and be teleported to The First Spire where you normally fight Shiro Chi, The Corrupted.

Then turn around, jump up the platforms and make your way across the bridge. Follow along on the video to find the path. Then drop down to where the chest is and open it up. Keep your fingers crossed and you’ll have a chance of getting Supremacy (along with the other raid weapons). You can do this on each character and pick up easy raid loot each week.

You can get weapons like Chattering Bone (Pulse rifle), Nation of Beasts (Hand cannon) and Age-old Bond (Auto rifle) plus more. You can also get Supremacy, an old Destiny 1 Sniper Rifle brought forward into Destiny 2.

Supremacy is a rapid-fire frame legendary sniper rifle at 140 RPM with 5 in the magazine. The curated roll is Rapid Hit and Kill Clip. Mine dropped with Outlaw and Kill Clip. This has great reload and handling speed and is another top sniper in Destiny 2.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Easy Raid Loot from Last Wish using the Wall of Wishes. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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