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Destiny 2 – Best sniper rifles for Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is coming back and I’ve put together a few weapon guides that may be useful in your prep for the weekly event coming back to Destiny 2. The following is a guide for the best sniper rifles for Trials of Osiris, where to find them and the perks you should be looking out for.

Sniping in Destiny PVP is a useful skill to have in your toolbox as being able to manage opponents from a distance minimises the chances of the other team taking out members of your team. Add the benefit of one-shot-kills into the mix and a good sniper can often help teams get far on their journey to the lighthouse and getting hold of that loot.

Twilight Oath

This was introduced to Destiny 2 during the Forsaken expansion. This is a rapid-fire frame sniper meaning its fast, 140 RPM with 5 in the magazine. This is a solar, energy sniper. To get this weapon you’ll need to complete activities in the Dreaming City. The curated roll on this one comes with Box Breathing (bonus range a precision when aiming down sights for a short time) and Snapshot Sights for that quick aim.

The Supremacy

This is a sniper that was carried forward from Destiny 1 made better in Destiny 2. This one comes from The Last Wish raid, introduced during the Forsaken expansion. If you’re not into raiding then it is possible to solo your way to the loot chests in this raid. This is another fast one – rapid-fire frame, 140 RPM with 5 in the magazine and the curated roll is Rapid Hit and Kill Clip.

More details needed.


This sniper was introduced during the Season of Opulence as a reward from The Menagerie. All you have to do with this one is slot the correct runes into the Chalice of Opulence and run the Menagerie and pick up this sniper from the final chest at the end. This is an adaptive fire frame sniper, 90 RPM with 4 in the magazine. It’s solar damage and the curated roll comes with Box Breathing and No Distractions.


Revoker is a pinnacle PVP weapon earned by completing the quest from Shaxx. You’re going to have to get a bunch of sniper PVP kills and reach 3500 glory points in competitive PVP, however, it’s worth the grind. It has the unique perk Reversal of Fortune which says “Missing a shot returns a bullet to the magazine after a short duration”. It also comes with Snapshot Sights. It’s a 72 RPM with 3 in the magazine, so slower than the others but it’s deadly in the right hands.

This is definitely one you’ll want to consider depending on how much you like to play competitively. The good news is that with the freelance mode it’s easier than ever to get, but still likely to be a few hours of your time.

Bite of the Fox

This is a nice sniper which can be acquired from Iron Banner through either pinnacle drops or by handing in tokens to Shaxx. This is an Aggressive Frame sniper for that high damage and high recoil. It’s another 72 RPM and 3 in the mag, so similar to Revoker. The curated roll has Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot.


This is a rapid-fire frame Sniper, 140 RPM with 5 in the mag. It deals Arc damage and goes in the energy weapon slot. This was introduced during Shadowkeep and you can get this by getting a drop from the Altars of Sorrow on the right day (it rotates days between rewards, so you can get this once every 3 days). It’s relatively easy to get the curated roll drop for this one in the wild.

That’s it for this guide on best sniper rifles for Trials of Osiris. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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