Destiny 2 – How to get Bastion (Exotic Fusion Rifle) and the story of Corridors of Time

Bastion has been released in Destiny 2. It’s a new exotic kinetic fusion rifle and is now available for all players who have the season pass. But getting the weapon is only half the story, as over the past week the Destiny community came together to solve one of the biggest puzzles in the history of the franchise. The following is a walkthrough for all the quest steps for how to get Bastion (Exotic Fusion Rifle).

Bastion is a unique fusion rifle that fires 3 slugs, with multiple bullets in each slug. This is a unique kinetic fusion rifle and you have to be a season pass holder to get hold of this gun. So how do you get it? To be able to access this quest you have to have completed the quests where you first meet and then save Saint-14 called an Impossible task and Completing an Impossible Task. You can pick these up from Osiris on Mercury.

Once you have completed these quests then go and speak to Saint-14 in the Tower to pick up the quest. Initially, this was unlocked early as Bastion was originally slated for 28th January 2020. However, a huge and complex puzzle was solved in the community opening up the Bastion quest to everyone.

Pick up Memento quest

On the 21st January, you can pick up Memento from Saint-14. Go to the Tower, into the Hangar and speak to Saint-14 and get the quest. The first step of the quest is to speak to Saint-14.

Spoken Word

For the next step of the quest, you need to kill Fallen Captains on the Tangled Shore to gather Fallen Intel. The best way to do this is to arrive in Thieve’s Landing and then go over the other side of the area, past the servitor and into the area where you enter The Hollowed Lair strike. Go down and you’ll find a Fallen Captain, kill him and then go back up and out until you see the text prompt saying Thieve’s Landing. Turn back around and do this a few more times until you complete this step of the quest.

Lost Connection

For this step go and speak to The Spider on the Tangled Shore.

Backroom Brawl

Once you have spoken to The Spider he’ll send you into the Lost Sector Empty Tank. This is also in Thieve’s Landing so you don’t have to travel too far. Work your way through the Lost Sector and kill Aksiniks, Bound by Honor (he’s the enemy at the end). Once you’ve killed the guy, go back to The Spider.

A Strong Arm

The Spider will send you out to kill 30 challenging enemies (yellow bar), complete 10 Spider Bounties, and 8 public events. You’ll need ghost fragments for the Spider Bounties, but if you don’t have a stash of these you’ll get them by completing public events (which you’ll be doing anyway). If you complete Heroic Public Events then you’ll get 2 points compared to one, so that will halve your time doing the public events. The longest part of this is most likely the Spider Bounties.

Pick up the 4 daily bounties and these can be done relatively easily and quickly. For the others, I picked up all the ones on the EDZ in Lost Sectors. Check the bounty details to find out where you have to hunt the enemies and it’ll give you the name of the lost sector. On the director hover over the lost sector and the name will appear, allowing you to easily find what you need.

Rude Awakening

For this step of the quest you have to find a gravesite in a lost sector called Trapper’s Cave Just after you round the corner with all the Cabal, you’ll see a waterfall to the left. Step just to the right of the waterfall to find the gravesite and inspect it to complete this step of the quest. You’ll see a blue glow where you need to interact, so keep an eye out for that.

Altered Chief

The next step of the quest is killing a specific enemy in The Hollowed Lair strike. He’s right at the end and is called Reysk, the Waning Light. When you get to the boss at the end he spawns about halfway through the fight, kill him and it’s time to go back to the Tower.

Speak to Saint-14

Go back to the Tower and speak to Saint-14 and he’ll give you Bastion!

Bastion is pretty fun and unique however there are some other fusion rifles that are more deadly.

It’s got Hammer-Forged Rifling, Liquid Coils, and Composite Stock as the standard perks. The intrinsic perk is Saint’s Fists (Charge to fire 3 spreads of Kinetic slugs) and trait perk Breakthrough (A portion of this weapon’s damage bypasses elemental shields).

Saint’s Fists allows the weapon to shoot 3 slugs of multiple bullets, which are pretty strong and can stop supers in their tracks in PVP. However, this doesn’t do precision damage. In PVE it’s good, but there are other exotic kinetic weapons that probably would be a better choice. In PVP it’s pretty strong, but it’s got a decent delay on it so you’re going to have to use good timing. Again, it’s OK and not amazing.

Getting the weapon however is only half the story. How this weapon came about was very cool, and one of the most complicated puzzles Destiny has ever seen (and there’s been a few). So, let’s have a look at how the quest for this was introduced.

Corridors of Time Puzzle

This all started on Tuesday 14th January when a new quest Exploring the Corridors of Time was added into Destiny 2. To start it off we had to go and see Osiris, pick up the quest and then start running through The Corridors of Time.

Osiris giving us the Exploring the Corridors of Time quest

It soon became apparent that all the doors in the Corridors of Time were open and you could simply keep going infinitely if you didn’t know where you were going.

Codes on the Obelisk telling us where to go in the Corridors of Time

Then we noticed that the Obelisks had codes on them. These codes were changing each hour. We used these codes to run through The Corridors of Time to find a tomb room at the end. This tomb room had a grave, a ghost and a sword in it.

Also in the tomb room, there was a transparent floor and when standing on the floor a ??? was revealed. By interacting with this new lore was opened up called The Pigeon and the Phoenix.

Looking at the floor code in the tomb room of the Corridors of Time

Once we had one lore piece, we could teleport back to the start and then enter a new code as time went by. The lore had 19 parts to it and over the next few hours, these new lore pieces opened up until we all had 19 pieces.

These 19 pieces were put together in the form of a new puzzle and this led us to phase 2. On forming the new puzzle with these 19 pieces and then making our way through this new map, at the end we found an emblem and access to ‘reveal’ a new code. This code was seemingly unique, or nearly unique as thousands started to get uncovered.


The community then aggregated this data into huge spreadsheets and forming a new huge map out of the individual guardian hexagons. This was a massive community effort with players all getting together. /raidsecrets, streamers, players… Guardians from all over the planet had been working together and aggregating data slowing putting together this map.

Thousands of hexagons put together. Credit /raidsecrets

Eventually the map was put together.


The huge new map revealed a 30 symbol code which had to be input into the Corridors of Time perfectly (read from left to right).

This all led to us finding out that it was our grave in this timeline and Saint-14 was giving a speech saying how we were his mentor and we were buried with our favourite weapon. This opened up the quest for Bastion early.

Countless hours by multiple Guardians was put into this quest and solving the puzzle. It was huge in scale and complexity, however, the result have been divisive. As the puzzle went on, expectations were raised as to what the reward could be. Everyone thought we’d get an exotic sword, as a sword was on the tomb in the Corridors of Time. Ideas ranged from Dark Drinker, Raze Lighter, Gjallarhorn and Vex Mythoclast. Only a few thought it was going to be Bastion. When it was discovered there was a huge outpour of frustration.

Personally, I think Bungie is in a tough spot. They put together one of the best puzzles we’ve seen in Destiny. Perhaps the problem here was Bastion was called out on the roadmap. Whisper of the Worm appeared in Destiny 2 without a mention on the roadmap, which was accompanied by a very cool timed mission. As Bastion was called out in the roadmap for the 28th January, folks thought that something else would be the reward.

There’s a feeling in the community that the effort put into solving the puzzle didn’t match the reward. However, I was really into the puzzle. I got all the lore, the emblem and submitted a puzzle piece. Ok, so I didn’t play a huge part in solving the puzzle, but I did enjoy watching as others came together, worked hard to solve. It would have been good if more was in the game. For example, if you aren’t on social media or Reddit for some reason then it’s unlikely you would have heard of this other than the game prompt. Perhaps there could have been some indication in the Tower of the puzzle and the community progress.

What did you think of the Corridors of Time puzzle? Did you think it was a great community activity, or did you feel locked out by the nature of the puzzle? Would you like to see more of this in Destiny 2, or do you think Bungie was wide of the mark? Finally, what do you think of Bastion? Let me know down in the comments.

That’s it for how to get Bastion (Exotic Fusion Rifle). For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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