Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 – New secret quest and puzzle in Corridors of Time in Season of Dawn

On reset today in Destiny 2 there’s a new secret quest and puzzle that’s been added to the game. There’s nothing on the roadmap for 14th January 2020, however, when you visit Osiris he offers up a quest called Exploring the Corridors of Time. This is a guide for the new secret quest and puzzle in Corridors of Time with everything we know so far, however, it’s worth noting that this puzzle is in progress and it looks like it’s going to open up over the next few hours.

First of all, you want to go to Mercury and visit Osiris. He’ll offer you up a quest, you’ll want to pick that up.

Traverse the Corridors of Time

You can enter the Corridors of Time but it’s different than before. Rather than a clear path through this time, all the doors are open, and by each door, you have a symbol.

To find your way through the maze in the Corridors of Time you need to check out the Obelisks. You can check out any of the Obelisks you have active.

All Obelisks have the same symbols and these tell you the path through the maze. On the hour every hour these symbols change, offering up a new path through the maze.

To read the code you need to start with the first one at the 2 o’clock position if the obelisk was a clock. Then, read clockwise. So the one in the picture will be Diamond, Plus, Snake, Hexa, Hexa, Diamond Plant, Plus.

These symbols correspond to pillars in the Corridors of Time. Go back to Mercury and enter the Corridors of time again, using these symbols to navigate your way through the maze.

The solutions for the maze so far are

  1. Plus, snake, Clover, hexagon, snake, plus, diamond
  2. Clover, Clover, hexagon, hexagon, Plus, Diamond, snake
  3. Plus, Clover, Diamond, Diamond, Snake, Diamond, Diamond
  4. Diamond, Clover, Plus, hexagon, Clover, hexagon, Clover
  5. Diamond, Plus, snake, hexagon, hexagon, Diamond, Plus
  6. Diamond, hexagon, snake, hexagon, Clover, Clover, Plus
  7. Diamond, Plus, Clover, hexagon, snake, hexagon, snake

All codes can be run currently and another one is revealed on the hour every hour.

Once you reach the end of the maze there’s a shield. Behind the shield, there’s a tomb with a sword on top of it. There’s a ghost there too, so there’s probably a guardian inside.

If you look through the floor you can see a large symbol, surrounded by smaller ones. Press interact on the floor to reveal more symbols.

Once you have entered a code apporach the tomb and you’ll get teleported back to the start. To enter another code interact with the block to the left of the door of the entrance to the maze. You’ll see a cauldron symbol indicating it’s been reset successully. Now, you can run through the maze and enter all the available codes.

There are 19 lore entries to collect, so presumably, this is going to open up over the next few hours.

It’s anyone’s guess at the moment as to what is going to be at the end of the quest. Hopefully, it’s going to be a weapon and there are whispers going round that it could be Dark Drinker, a sword from Destiny 1. Let me know down in the comments how you’re getting on with the quest and what you think is going to be at the end.

That’s all the info for the new secret quest and puzzle in Corridors of Time. This puzzle is in progress and will be updated when new information is available. I’ll be back with more info once we have enough codes to figure out the next steps of the puzzle.

Credit to /raidsecrets. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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