How to get Devil’s Ruin (Exotic Sidearm)

Devil’s Ruin is the first Exotic Weapon quest we have in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. This one is for Season Pass owners and goes very nicely with the buff we’ve had to sidearms. This quest is nice and quick and can be done easily solo. The following is a guide for how to get Devil’s Ruin (Exotic Sidearm) in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn.

This sidearm is very unique – it has two firing modes, a regular sidearm and a laser. It can also stagger Unstoppable Champions, so is well worth getting and adding to your arsenal. One of the best parts about getting this weapon is the dialogue between Saint-14, Osiris and Shaxx at the end of the quest – it’s very funny.

Let’s have a look at the quest and what you need to do to get this weapon

Complete a Sundial run

When you load into Destiny 2 for the first time since the quest dropped you’ll get a notification about Devil’s Ruin. It says “A new timelost frame has appeared within the Sundial. Enter the Sundial and defeat Champions in order to pull this frame to the present timeline.” This is a little confusing, as all you have to do is complete a Sundial run.

The heroic mode has also been added to the Sundial activity recently, you can do that version if you want, but all you need to do to get access to the Devil’s Run exotic quest is run the Sundial in any mode, so if you want to do this quickly then you can do normal mode.

Pick up ‘A Moment In Time’ quest

Once you’ve finished the Sundial run at the end you’ll be presented with ‘A Moment In Time’ quest. Pick that up and then it’s onto the next step of the quest.

A Lost Relic

For the first step, you want to take the relic to Saint-14 in the Tower.

A Tour Through History

Once you’ve spoken to Saint-14 then it’s time for A Tour Through History. This step of the quest you’ll head to the EDZ and pick the mission ‘Parts Long Lost’ down in the left-hand corner of the director.

This is different from other exotic quests where you have to kill a certain number of enemies or get final blows with a certain type of weapon. Here you have to search the PVP map Twilight Gap and hunt for Shaxx’s crucible bots.

The bots themselves are pretty easy to find and there are no enemies in the map, so you can take your time and relax while looking for them. Check out the locations in the video guide.

Once you have found 10 then you’ll get Devil’s Ruin (Exotic Sidearm). Don’t leave straight away though as there’s some really good dialogue between Saint-14, Osiris and Shaxx, it’s pretty funny and check out the video for the whole sequence at the end.

Devil’s Ruin

This is an Exotic Sidearm with a few unique perks.

Close the Gap
Variable trigger. You can fire normally by pressing the trigger, or you can hold the trigger to charge a high-powered, staggering laser. This is strong against Unstoppable Champions.

Extended Barrel
Increased range, decreases handling speed, Moderately controls recoil.

Projection Fuse
Distance optimisations – Increases range

Fully charging the laser refills the magazine from reserves. One thing to note here is if you charge the laser with a full magazine of 15, then it won’t reload, but if you have anything less than a full mag, then it’ll refill the magazine to the full 15 bullets.

Combat Grip
The weapon’s recoil direction is more vertical – Greatly controls recoil.

Bungie buffed sidearms in update 2.7.0 on December 10th 2019 when they increased target acquisition across the board making sidearms pretty deadly in not only PVE but PVP too.

In PVE it’s great as the sidearm mode will tear through enemies as it’s fast. Paired with Close the Gap, which turns this into a laser, this is effective against Unstoppable Champions. The laser deals some pretty good damage and the refill perk Pyrogenesis works well. Also, it takes primary ammo, so you’ll be able to run around for a fair amount of time and easily pick up ammo.

In PVP the regular sidearm mode is deadly as well as switching it up to the laser allows you to kill enemies quickly as well as using it to stop supers. It does take time to charge up, so you’re going to have to be careful when using the intrinsic perk, as use it at the wrong time and you’re going to get killed. However, if you can charge it up around a corner and then surprise your opponents with the laser beam then the time to kill is going to be very fast. The charge time is about 1000, which is slower than most fusions, but time it right and it’ll be deadly.

Overall this is a unique gun with some great perks. There has been some chatter in the community about the ease of this quest. This is likely a response to previous exotic weapon quests being lengthy and tricky to complete, possibly allowing a wider range of people to get this weapon. I don’t know the stats for how many people completed the Thorn quest, but I would imagine Bungie has looked at that and wanted to open up exotic quests to a wider audience.

That has raised the question in the community once again, with folks saying they want harder, lengthier exotic quests. Personally, I thought the quest was a good one, and it’s nice to have a change. This allows Bungie to have a look at the different exotic quest types and look at the data to find out the best way to deliver weapons to their audience. Perhaps as the weapon is behind a paywall of the Season Pass, they wanted to make it easier.

Let me know what you think of Devil’s Ruin down in the comments. Do you like the gun? What did you think of the quest? Do you think Destiny is being refocused for the more casual audience with this quest, or did you like the change?

That’s it for this guide on how to get Devil’s Ruin (Exotic Sidearm) Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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