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Destiny 2 – How to unlock Saint-14 bounties and A Guardian’s Duty Quest Guide

Saint-14 has returned to the Tower having emerged from the Infinite Forest earlier this week. He’s got a few quests for us to complete which lead to specific Saint-14 bounties, triumphs and repairing the Obelisk in the Tower. The following is a guide for how to unlock Saint-14 bounties and a Guardian’s Duty Quest Guide.

Saint-14 has returned to the Tower. It’s not clear if you need to be up to date on the Saint-14 story content so far for Saint-14 to return, so if he’s not there in the Tower it may be best to complete Corridors of Time Part 1 and Part 2, you can find guides on those in a couple of previous guides I made.

First of all you want to go and visit Saint-14 in the Tower. He’s in the hanger, so head down that way and say hello to Saint-14. Saint welcomes you with a speech and then offers you up 3 quests; Tribute to the Colonies, Cornerstone and A Guardian’s Duty.

A Guardians Duty Quest Guide

Saint-14 wants to learn more about Guardians serve the Last City in modern-day.

Guardian of the People

Speak to Saint-14.

Community Service

For this step of the quest, we need to complete Vanguard or Crucible or Gambit bounties. We’ll need to complete 8 of them to proceed, so go and pick the ones you enjoy the most from Zavala, Shaxx or The Drifter and complete those bounties.

A Sense of Duty

Now you’ve completed these tasks Saint-14 wants to speak to you about “Now I have returned I will provide new ways for you to serve the people and together we will keep this City Safe”.

New Duties

Now you have the book Saint-14 has given you place it next to Saint and it will offer you up new bounties to get up to 200 extra fractaline per day. Complete these bounties to level up the Tower Obelisk and also unique rewards including random rolls on the Perfect Paradox.

Before you head to the Tower Obelisk you’ll want to unlock it by completing the Cornerstone quest.

Go to the Tower Obelisk

There are new consumables on the Tower Obelisk including Timelost Friends which increases progression on timelost weapon bounties by 10% for 4 hours and also Fractaline Skimmer which drastically increases the chance for polarised fractaline from playlist activities including vanguard, crucible and gambit.

That’s it for this guide on how to unlock Saint-14 bounties and a Guardian’s Duty Quest Guide. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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