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Destiny 2 – How to Save Saint-14 and Completing An Impossible Task Quest Guide

Last week in Destiny 2 we had our first meeting with Saint-14. He was in a battle against the Vex and Fallen and we swooped in to help him out. This week, Saint’s at it again – but this time we get so save one of our all-time lore heroes in Destiny 2. The following is a walkthrough for how to save Saint-14 and Completing an Impossible Task quest.

Completing an Impossible Task

First up you want to head to Osiris on Mercury and speak to him and pick up the Completing an Impossible Task quest. I would imagine you’d have to complete the first step of this first, although I didn’t test this out. Check out a guide for that here if you want to complete the first step.

Open a gateway

Once you’ve picked up the quest you’ll be sent to Nessus to place some transponders in specific places. They are marked on the map and not too tricky, some of them are higher up or below ground in lost sectors.

Sometimes the entrance to the lost sectors is miles away from the actual transponder location, so it can be a little confusing – but normally there’s a clue on the marker on the map itself. Don’t do what I did and end up trying to climb a tree for 15 minutes. The one I found the trickiest was in The Tangle and here you have to go into The Mist Lost Sector.

Saint’s Ghost

Now you’ve placed the markers you’ll want to find Saint’s Ghost. Fly into the Cistern, and then get on your sparrow and go to the right into the tunnels. There are piles of dead Vex here in the tunnel system, most probably Saint’s handy work. His ghost is shining, so should be fairly easy to pick out in the dark. Pick up it and head back to Osiris.

Recharging the Sundial

The nest step of the quest is to recharge the Sundial with light by killing guardians in crucible or gambit, getting super kills and collecting orbs of light. I headed into PVP for the guardian kills and then went to the Altars of Sorrow for the orbs and the super kills.

Back to the past

Once you’ve completed those steps it’s time to step back into the Sundial and back into the Vex network for Corridors of Time Part 2. Fight your way through the Vex network and eventually, you’ll meet Saint-14. He’s pretty happy to see you after all these years but gets trapped inside prison and suspended from mid-air. What follows is a cool battle with the Martyr Mind with a few stages where you have to knock down the enemies health, then kill a big Vex and deposit the charge into the right zone. Do this 3 times and you’ll swap yourself with Saint-14 and he’ll attack the Vex in true Saint-14 style.

After you and Saint win the battle and kill the Martyr Mind Saint-14 says he’s happy to hang out and spend a few more years killing Vex and he’ll meet you at the Infinite Forest Gate.

So next up head to the gate, open it up and we get a nice cut scene of Saint-14 coming back. His entrance is very cool as he shield-bashes a massive Vex and uses another to smash a final blow headbutt into his chest.

Journey’s End

The final step is to head back to Osiris and speak to him. He’s very impressed with what we’ve done, we’ve brought back his long lost friend Saint-14 – something he’s been trying to do all this time. The way Osiris says “This is amazing”, you can hear the disbelief in his voice. However, there’s still much to do so it’s back to grinding The Sundial and the new obelisks that have opened up.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the Saint-14 mission Corridors of Time Part 2 and let me know what you think is going to happen next.

That’s it for this walkthrough on How to Save Saint-14 and Completing An Impossible Task Quest guide in Season of Dawn. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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