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Destiny 2 – How to meet Saint-14 and Impossible Task Quest Guide

Saving Saint-14 is a major story focus of Season of Dawn in Destiny 2. But before we save him, we can actually meet him. There are a few quests to get through and along the way, you’ll pick up your very own Perfect Paradox Shotgun. The mission with Saint-14 is pretty epic and we finally see that moment where we give Saint-14 his Perfect Paradox shotgun. The following is a walkthrough for how to meet Saint-14 and Impossible task quest guide.

The mission with Saint-14 is pretty epic and we finally see that moment where we give Saint-14 his Perfect Paradox shotgun. The following is a walkthrough for how to meet Saint-14 and Impossible task quest guide.

After you do your first runs of The Sundial in Season of Dawn go back and speak to Osiris. He’s got a few quests for you and the one you want to look out for is called Recovering the Past. Pick this up off Osiris and then we can begin.

Recovering the past quest

You’ve managed to pull a phased object out of the Sundial. Osiris sounds surprised we’ve managed to get something out of the Sundial and needs our help to study it.

Field research

For this step of the quest, we’re going to need to kill 3 bosses anywhere in the solar system. You can pick and choose where you do this, but I went to Mars and did an Escalation Protocol run and public events to get this.

Vex Data Collection

This time we want to get 100 shotgun kills, 25 melee kills. I carried on in Escalation Protocol for this one and ran around with a shotgun and got into the Saint-14 swing of things with some close-up shotgun and melee kills.

Finishing touches

Finally for this quest run The Pyramidion, which you can simply select from the director in Io. This isn’t a reprised mission, it’s the regular version which is matchmade and should be nice and easy. Next up you’ll want to get 5 weapon enhancers and you get these by completing crucible/gambit matches or strikes. Pick the game mode you like the most and get those enhancers.

Return to Osiris

Now you’ve completed the quest steps head back to Osiris and he’ll give you the Perfect Paradox shotgun & Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox shotgun as an item. At this point, you’ll also be able to pick up An Impossible Task Quest from Osiris.

The Perfect Paradox Shotgun

An Impossible Task Quest

Osiris needs to fix the Sundial and he sends you out into the solar system to collect Vex parts, cores and radiolarian fluid (whatever that’s for).

Gather Vex Parts

First of all, you have to go to Mercury, Nessus and Io to gather the Vex Transformers. Rather than find enemies and shoot them, they are in specific locations and you’ll have to find them and shoot them. They are marked on the map, but some of them are in pretty hidden locations.

Here are the Mercury locations.

Here are the Nessus locations.

Here are the Io locations.

Once you have found all the Vex Transformers then it’s onto the next step of the quest.

Big Vex Hunting

This step of the quest involves gathering 25 Vex Cores from challenging Vex enemies and getting precision kills on Vex too. Best place to go for this is the Lost Sector on Nessus called The Orrery Lost Sector. Land at Artifacts Edge and it’s the Lost Sector right near where you land. Run this a few times until you get the cores and the precision kills you need to move onto the next step.

Return to Osiris

Now you’ve gathered the parts you need Osiris can fix the SUndial and send you back through the corridors of time to find Saint-14. Stand next to the Sundial and enter the mission.

Corridors of Time Part 1 mission

The following mission sends you to the heart of the Vex and back through time into a battle against Vex and Fallen with Saint-14. Saint sounds super stressed out once you land, thinking all is lost.

After we make our way through a very cool looking sequence with the Vex we step back in time to fight alongside Saint-14. Weary from battle he’s there in his bubble holding off the onslaught from the Fallen and the Vex. Kill all the enemies and then we give a pep talk to Saint-14, plus we hand him the Perfect Paradox.

Perfect Paradox’s lore tab was always an interesting one back in Destiny 1 as it stated we gave him the gun. But how could this be, as we live hundreds of years after he died? We’ve been waiting for this moment in the game for some time and it was a nice surprise that this mission was in the game, so early after release. With previous seasons we hadn’t got additional story missions like this and it looks like the story will unfold week after week with Saint-14.

Saving a Legend has been called out on the roadmap to drop next week in Destiny 2, so it’s worth doing this mission before we get that next step in the lore next week. It does look like Saint-14 will be a vendor in the Tower for some time, but it’s unlikely he’s going to be there for a long time, so we should make the most of this legend visiting us. It’s also a good example of Bungie’s vision for the single evolving world as we can all look back on Season 9 and remember the time we got to hang out with Saint-14.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the Saint-14 mission and the way Bungie is rolling out story content this week. Also, I’d be interested to know what you think is going to happen next with Saint-14 – how we’re going to save him and how he may ultimately end of leaving us again at the end of Season of Dawn.

That’s it for this walkthrough on how to meet Saint-14 and Impossible task quest guide in Season of Dawn. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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