Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How Obelisks and The Sundial work to pick weapons in Season of Dawn

The Sundial is one of the main focuses of the Season of Dawn. By powering up Obelisks with materials and light we can link them to The Sundial to help pick the loot we receive at the end of the Sundial battle. The following is a guide for how to use the Obelisks to pick our weapons in Season of Dawn, where they are, what rewards are currently on offer as well as bounties, enhancements and how to link and unlink our Obelisks to the Sundial.

Initially, the Obelisks process looks a bit complicated – there’s a new currency called Polarized Fractiline and a new levelling system called Resonance Ranks. However, after you run through the first one things should become clear (if not, feel free to ask questions down in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have).

What are the Obelisks?

During the opening quest in Season of Dawn, A Matter of Time, we learn that the Obelisks are designed to stabilise time while the Sundial is active. This is essentially a story mechanic to explain why we can retrieve different weapons through the Sundial.

Where are the Obelisks?

There’s currently two in the game. One is on the Tangled Shore and one is on Mars. Over the coming weeks, more will show up across the Solar system (Nessus and EDZ on 17th Dec according to the Season of Dawn roadmap). During the opening quest, A Matter of Time, we’re run through a tutorial to demonstrate the process of unlocking our first Obelisk (Tangled Shore) and link it to the Sundial. To unlock the second Sundial you’ll need to accept the quest from Osiris after you complete your first run. There are a few quest steps to run through but it’s a repeat from the initial quest – gather materials, bank, gather light, unlock and you’re done.

How the Obelisks link to the Sundial

By connecting the obelisk to the Sundial via Sundial links you can pull specific weapons through time from the Sundial Spire. Each Obelisk must be unlocked by a mini-quest where we have to collect materials on a specific planet, bank the materials, collect light and then bank the light. Once we’ve done these steps for each Obelisk they can be unlocked, but they will be in their initial state.

How to level up Obelisks through Resonance Ranks

Resonance Ranks are a new progression system in Season of Dawn and this is the process of ranking up the obelisks. There’s a new currency in Season of Dawn called Polarized Fractiline. We get this from completing Sundial runs, completing Season 9 triumphs and by completing Obelisk Bounties.

Once you have this currency you can turn it into the Obelisk like it were a vendor to rank it up. It costs 200 Polarized Fractiline to level up one rank and each obelisk has 10 ranks. You’ll want to level these up as you get access to weapon bounties, mods, enhancements, triumphs for the Savior title, and more rewards in the Sundial.

On levelling up the Obelisk you’ll get a Timelost Engram. You’ll get a variety of rewards through these like weapons, shaders, armour etc.

Obelisk Bounties

These are the main source of Polarized Fractiline as you’ll get 100 per bounty. They aren’t short bounties either, for example, kill 20 Fallen Captains and get 45 precious kills with a Sniper (one bounty) or get 90 grenade launcher kills. Some of the elements of the bounties can be done when you are completing runs of the Sundial so you can double-up on your sources of Polarized Fractiline. However, some can’t be done in the Sundial (like collecting planetary materials and killing Fallen Captains) so you’ll have to travel around the Solar System and do some grinding.

Obelisk Enhancements

At first glance, Obelisk enhancements may not seem much, but as you rank up your Obelisk the enhancements will get better and better with each rank. They allow for more planetary materials and crucially, the number of available Sundial links. Initially, we can only link one Obelisks, but presumably over the coming weeks as we rank up we’ll be able to link more and therefore expand the loot pool and choice for us at the end of a Sundial run.

New armour mods are also here under the enhancements and will allow us to customise our Guardian to different builds and play styles throughout the season. I’ll probably go over the mods in more detail in a later video.

How to link and unlink Sundials

During the Matter of Time quest, you’ll link The Tangled Shore Obelisk to the Sundial. However, if you have already got what you want from the Obelisk and you’ve unlocked another one, then you can unlink the Tangled Shore Obelisk and link the one on Mars.

To link and unlink go to the bottom of the Obelisk menu to the section titles Sundial Links and hover over to link and unlink. It costs 1,400 glimmer and 15 Etheric Spiral to link on Tangled Shore and then 10,000 glimmer to unlink.

What weapons are available from Obelisks?

Initially, you get access to a choice between two weapons per Obelisk. The Tangled Shore Obelisk offers up Breachlight (sidearm) and Steelfeather Repeater (auto rifle). Mars Obelisk offers up Martyr’s Retribution (grenade launcher) and Line in the Sand (linear fusion rifle). You can use the Obelisk linked to the Sundial to pick your weapons at the end of a Sundial run, or you can pick up Timelost weapon frames from the Obelisk themselves once you’ve levelled up a few times.

Once you have levelled up these Obelisks you’ll get another weapon frame available, which look like world drop weapons – Mars has Bygones (pulse rifle) and Tangled Shore has Black Scorpion-4SR (scout rifle).

Either way, it’s pretty easy to pick and choose which weapon you want in Season of Dawn. So far I’m enjoying my new Breachlight Sidearm, especially the XIV insignia, that looks very cool. I’ll have a closer look at the Dawn weapons in a later video.

In summary, check out each Obelisk that is available and have a look through the weapons, bounties, enhancements and mods and see which one works best for you and your build. I would probably focus on levelling up one at a time as you can focus that Polarized Fractiline into one Obelisk and rank it up faster but it’s really up to you how you go about it.

That’s it for this guide on how to use Obelisks to pick weapons in Season of Dawn. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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