Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How to access The Sundial activity in Season of Dawn

The Season of Dawn is here and with it comes a new six-person match made activity called The Sundial. This is a new mode where we defend Osiris’ construction from waves of Cabal. The following is a guide for how to access The Sundial.

Much like game modes of the past like Escalation Protocol, The Menagerie and Vex Offensive The Sundial is a new six-person match made activity where we face off against waves of enemies. This is Osiris’ device to control the corridors of time and since we defeated The Undying Mind the timeline is now broken on Mercury. The Cabal is trying to take advantage of this and rewrite the end of The Red War and change history so it’s up to us to stop them.

The Sundial offers up three versions of Mercury – the past, present and future. Each week there will be new enemies and bosses to defeat. It’s not a traditional horde mode, there are raid-like mechanics. This is match made for normal mode, however for Hard Mode (coming on 7th January 2020) will require a premade fireteam.

So here’s how you access the new six-person mode The Sundial in Season of Dawn.

Speak to Ikora

When you first get into Season of Dawn go and visit Ikora in the Tower. She’ll congratulate you on your victory over the Undying Mind (and suggest they rename it seeing as it’s dead). She’ll then ask you to go to Mercury and see Osiris. Ikora will then give you a quest called A Matter of Time.

A Disturbance on Mercury

The first step of the quest is to go and speak to Osiris on Mercury. There’s a new node opened up called Disturbance on Mecury – The Sundial. Select that and head on over. Once you land you want to head straight forward, past the enemies trying to kill you and enter the Sundial. Osiris is there, speak to him.

Recovery Operation

Osiris needs some help repairing the timeline on Mercury and first up we have to fix an obelisk on the Tangled Shore. These are designed to stabilise time while the Sundial is active. For this step of the quest, we need to defeat Cabal on The Tangled Shore to recover 50 Sundial components. Using Solar weapons may drop additional materials.


Now you have collected 50 Sundial components you have to bank them at the Obelisk. Approach the bank next to the obelisk and select bank. You’ll then get the next step of the quest.

Light Collection

Now you’ve modified the obelisk with tech from the Sundial you need to collect light. You do this by defeating enemies with abilities, supers and by collecting orbs of light. I ran around a little bit on the Tangled Shore and killed enemies until the meter was full and it’s onto the next step of the quest.

Light Infusion

Next up, head back to the bank and infuse your light into the obelisk. You’ll then get a notification that the obelisk has been tuned.

Timeline Stabilisation

You’ve now restored the obelisk to its full power. To fully link the obelisk to the Sundial you can complete bounties. Pick up the item Major Fractaline Harvest.

The Missing Link

By connecting the obelisk to the Sundial via Sundial links you can pull specific weapons through time from the Sundial Spire. This is essentially how you pick and choose which weapons to get as rewards at the end of the Sundial. When I picked it up it gave me Sundial Link: Tangled Shore and the chance to get Breachlight or Steelfeather Repeater. Once you pick the links you’ll get a pop up saying “Sundial reward linking – Sundial arena activity rewards are determined by the obelisk linked to it. Only a limited number of obelisks can be linked at a time.”

Visit Osiris

Finally, head back to Mercury and speak to Osiris and he’ll invite you to enter The Sundial. Go to the director on Mercury and you’ll now be able to pick the Sundial from the menu. This will send you into the new six-person matchmade mode.

The Sundial

Battle your way through waves of enemies in the past, present and future on Mercury. Once you’ve defeated a few waves of bosses you’ll be sent to fight against the final boss. We start up facing the boss Niruul – The Hollow Voice. This will be followed up with Ozletc – The Sky Piercer (17th December), Tazaroc – The Sun Eater (24th December) and Inotam – Oblivion’s Triune.

The Sundial is good fun, there’s some raid-like mechanics in there where you have to kill certain enemies and break the shields of the mini-boss. There’s a nice effect on the penultimate bosses when you throw an orb a huge laser comes down from the sky (which I presume is cabal attacking themselves). All in all The Sundial is good fun, and pretty straight forward to access after a few quest steps.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the sundial and which weapons you’re chasing. I picked up the Steelfeather Repeater at the end which is a rapid-fire frame auto rifle, which looks pretty cool. Osiris does also give us a few quests at the end and we’ll have to see what they lead onto next. Looking forward to discovering that!

That’s it for this guide on how to access The Sundial activity in Season of Dawn. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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