Luigi’s Mansion 3 – RIP Suites 5F

In the second part of Luigi’s Mansion 3, RIP Suites, it’s time to recover Professor E. Gadd’s briefcase from his room, however, first of all, you have to figure out how to get it back from the maid.

Install Elevator Tracker

Professor E. Gadd has given you the Elevator Tracker and it’s time to go and install it. Go out of the garage and make your way back towards the elevator. Go in and press X to activate the cut scene where Luigi will install the tracker which will allow you to map out each floor.

It’s also time to try out the Virtual Boo which was given to you by Professor E.Gadd. Press the + button and there’s a menu there allowing you to contact Professor E. Gadd via the E. Gadd Hotline. Contact the Professor and he’ll ask you to go to the 5th floor to get his briefcase.

Find Professor E. Gadd’s Room (508)

Once you’re on the 5th floor use your new suction shot ability and remove the items that are blocking your way.

Professor E. Gadd’s room is marked on the map and it’s room 508. Make your way down the hall and enter the room.

Maid Boss Guide – How to beat the Maid Boss

When you enter Professor E. Gadd’s room you’ll see the Maid and she’ll try to steal the briefcase by swallowing it and running away. Follow her to room 507 and battle against the other ghosts.

Use the suction shot against the briefcase as the ghosts will use it to protect themselves from the flash attack. Remove the briefcase and beat the ghosts. Next up go into room 505 and repeat. When you’ve done this go back to room 508 and get back the briefcase. Once you have the briefcase go back to the elevator and down to the basement to Professor E. Gadd’s mobile lab.

Meet Gooigi

Return the briefcase to Professor E. Gadd and he’ll introduce you to his newest (and best) invention, Gooigi.

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