Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Introduction

In the first part of Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Introduction, we reach the hotel, drop off our bags and are shown to our rooms.

Luigi and the gang get settled in their own rooms. Luigi’s drifts off reading a book but wakes up in the middle of the night as Princess Peach screams. Hellen Gravely (The Hotel Owner) reveals King Boo as the inspiration to her best ideas.

King Boo reveals he’s trapped Mario, Princess Peach and the Toads in picture frames and he has a special one saved for Luigi!

Runaway from King Boo

First up run away from King Boo being careful not to bump into the furniture. When you get to the end of the corridor jump down the trash chute.

Find the Poltergust G-00

After you’ve jumped down the trash you’ll end up in the basement. Head to the right and you’ll find a car, go up to the car and interact with it to get the Poltergust G-00 – this is your ghost hunting equipment. Now you have the Poltergust G-00 you’ll run through a tutorial of how it works. The Polterpup will help you here working through the flashlight stun, vacuum and blow functions.

Face your first ghosts & find the key

Go upstairs and you’ll find your first ghosts sealing off the entrance to the hotel. Stun them with the light and suck them up until you can eventually slam them with the A attack. Behind the reception is a key. Use ZL and ZR together to break the counter of the reception area to get through to the back and pick up the key. While you’re there use the flashlight on the yellow marker to reveal the gem.

Find Professor E. Gadd & get the Darklight

Go upstairs and use the key on the big door and go through until you find Professor E. Gadd stuck in a painting.

Follow the Polterpup and he’ll lead you to room. Go past the room and into the next room, use the flashlight on the yellow marker in the mirror to reveal a key. Exit the room and battle against the ghosts. Once you have finished off the ghosts go into the room where the Polterpup went and use the flashlight on the safe to reveal the Darklight adaptor for the Poltergust G-00. The Polterpup will teach you how to use it.

Go back to the room where Professor E. Gadd is trapped in the painting and use the Darklight on the painting to save Professor E. Gadd. He’s happy to see you, sort of.

Fight the boss – The Bellhop Ghost

Go down to the basement with Professor E. Gadd and fight the first boss, the Bellhop Ghost. Avoid his attacks and stun him with the light before sucking him up and then using the slam attack to finish him off. Repeat this a few times to beat him.

Professor E. Gadd’s Lab

Once you have beaten the Bellhop ghost, Professor E. Gadd will reveal his mobile lab. Here you can view the map, the gallery (where you can deposit your ghosts) and objectives. You’ll also get given the suction shot ability.

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