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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How to beat the Pit of Heresy Dungeon guide

This is a guide and walkthrough for how to beat the Pit of Heresy Dungeon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

The Pit of Heresy is the new dungeon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. It’s a 940 minimum activity, however, you’ll want to be closer to 960 as the bosses get progressively harder with the final boss at 960. The dungeon isn’t match made so you’ll need a fireteam, either ask some clan mates or find some people on LFG. The Bungie app is very good for this or Destiny Tracker.

Before you go into the dungeon you’ll have to complete a short quest for Eris Morn called The Deepening Wake. Check out a specific guide for that here. Now you’ve done the prep, let’s get into the Dungeon.


The first part of the dungeon is studying the runes and using the relic which is dropped by the big knights when you kill them. Each tower has a Hive rune it, which acts as navigation for you.

When you start you want to drop down to the first area and kill the first knight, who will drop a relic but also show you the path forward via the runes on display.

Find the tower that matches the runes and kill everything inside. Use the relic against the enemies

  • if there’s a knight use melee
  • if there’s a wizard use the projectiles
  • if there’s a shrieker use the deflection technique to bounce back their shots towards them

Once you’ve finished the three towers, the exit will open and a chest will appear.

Tunnels of Despair

Continue through the dungeon and you’ll see a wall of doors. You’ll want to find a gap just to the right-hand side of the broken bridge, so jump over onto the ledges and find the gap. Go through the gap into the next section. Continue through the tunnels and shoot through stuff protecting the way forward to get through.

On the outside there are 2 very angry Ogres, avoid these guys and orientate yourself with the position of the doors and the tunnels. The objective here is to kill the knights, which drop orbs and then place the orbs in the doors. Once you have opened three doors, you can progress.

Chamber of Suffering

The phase of the dungeon is a wave defence exercise. Hive will spawn the attack you en masse, in particular, the Hive shooting from the top of the caves can cause a problem.

There’s a wall with six Hive runes and it’s your job to destroy them. As before, kill the knights, grab the orbs and dunk them into the runes to destroy them. Once you have destroyed all six runes, you can progress. Shoot the Hive stuff to get to the next area.

The Harrow

Next up you have to make your way through the tunnels and caves until you find an opening. Look for the door protected by the runes and find corresponding runes in towers around the area. Carefully jump around the area, avoiding the traps, swings and objects.

When you find a tower with a rune that matches one on the door, kill all the enemies in the tower. Once you’ve cleared out the area of enemies, the door opens and you can progress onto the final encounter.

Cradle of Damnation

In the final encounter in the dungeon, it’s time to face off against Zulmak, The Instrument of Torment. He’s a tough dude, and it’s worth reading up on him as he has some very cool lore found in Inquisition of the Damned.

In this encounter, you’ll be using all of the skills you have learned throughout the dungeon including relics and dunking orbs to allow you to damage Zulmak. He’s going to be standing there raining down Hive energy on you, so you’ll want to get to the damage phase as quick as possible.

To do this kill the Knights and use their relics against the enemies in the towers (Knight, Wizard, Shrieker) – just like the first encounter. When you kill these guys they will drop an orb, when they do you’ll want to pick this up and dunk it into the container near the middle.

When the third orb is dropped the damage phase begins and you’ll notice the floor below Zulmak glows green. Stand in the zone and start dishing damage to Zulmak. After a short while he’ll bend down and he’s preparing for an attack, so get out of the zone – otherwise, you’ll be killed instantly. Keep repeating this cycle and you’ll be able to take him down.

That’s it, once you finish him off it’s time to get the loot and you’ll be rewarded with masterworked pinnacle gear.

That’s it for this guide on how to beat the Pit of Heresy dungeon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Check out the rest of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide. For more content like this subscribe to This Week In Video Games on YouTube today.

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