Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign – Hunting Party

In the 6th mission, Hunting Party, it’s time to track down the Wolf.

In this mission, you start outside and you’ll need to watch your approach as there’s tripwires, airstrikes and IEDs that will go off with a little warning.

Push on your enemies and make your way through the alleyways and streets. There’s an objective building to get into and be careful of the trap on the stairs. There’s a machine gunner raining down bullets on you and your opponents so make your way through the building and up the stairs to take him out.

Go downstairs and outside and push your enemies back into the hospital. Work your way through the corridors and be careful of the patients – as some of them are enemies in waiting.

Use your camera under the door and then make your way round to the back and sneak up on the Wolf, taking him prisoner.

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