Destiny 2 – How to get Recluse (Pinnacle Crucible Submachine Gun)

This is a walkthrough for how to get Recluse, the pinnacle submachine gun that was introduced to Destiny 2 as part of Season 6 – Season of the Drifter.

Recluse is an impressive Submachine Gun that makes PVP and PVE very fun indeed. It has two very useful perks – Feeding Frenzy and Master of Arms. Feeding Frenzy increases reload speed for some time and Master of Arms improves damage for the weapon after kills. This gun allows you to melt PVP opponents and PVE enemies alike.

Getting the Recluse involves a lot of PVP (which makes sense as it’s a PVP pinnacle weapon), however, it’s worth the grind and it a must-have addition to any Guardian arsenal. This is a guide on how to pick up the quest and work your way through the PVP grind to get Recluse.

Pick up From The Mouth Of Babes Quest

Go to the Tower and speak to Lord Shaxx. He’ll have the quest for you.

Complete ‘The Stuff Of Myth’ Triumph

This can be found in the triumph tab under Crucible and Glory. This step of the quest requires you to reach Fabled Rank in Competitive PVP and get 30-50 wins in PVP. You can progress this in Quickplay, however, Survival and Iron Banner make the most efficient progress.

Reaching Fabled rank means getting 2100 Glory points.

RankTotal Points
Guardian I0 – 39
Guardian II40 – 109
Brave I 200 – 369
Brave II370 – 664
Brave III665 – 1049
Heroic I 1050 – 1259
Heroic II1260 – 1624
Heroic III 1625 – 2099
Fabled I 2100 – 2379

There’s good news and bad news on this one. The bad news is if you don’t like PVP, then it’s going to be a grind (however it is worth it). The good news is in the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion Bungie changed the way Glory is earned.

  • Players cannot lose Glory ranks below Fabled I
  • Losing a match reduces Glory streak by 2 instead of resetting
  • Losing a match reduces Valor or Infamy streak by 1 instead of resetting
  • Glory adjusts more quickly to match the player skill

Bungie has also added a Survival: Freelance mode meaning you can solo queue for competitive playlists. As everyone is going into the playlist solo, it makes it less likely to meet well-drilled teams. You are still going to encounter top players, but it’s easier than it has been in previous seasons with these changes.

On your way to reaching Fabled Rank, you should hit the required amount of wins. If you don’t, get those wins and then return to the Tower. Once you have reached Fabled I, you can navigate to the triumphs tab and complete the triumph.

One thing to note is you when you do hit Fabled I rank the triumph doesn’t autocomplete, you have to go into one more match for the triumph to complete. You can go into one more match, win or lose or even queue and then exit for the triumph to complete.

Pick up the Recluse from Lord Shaxx

The final step of the quest is to go back to Shaxx in the Tower and pick up your new Recluse. It’s fully master worked and is a lot of fun to use so jump into PVP and start dishing it.

That’s it for this walkthrough of getting the Recluse. Check out the rest of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide. For more content like this subscribe to This Week In Video Games on YouTube today.

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