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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How to get Leviathan’s Breath (Exotic Bow)

This is a walkthrough for the quest steps for Leviathan’s Breath, an Exotic bow found in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Leviathan’s Breath has been introduced in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep as part of Season of the Undying. So you’re going to have to own the season pass to get access to this quest. Leviathan’s Breath is the first heavy bow in Destiny 2 and has two distinctive features:

  • Big-Game Hunter – Fires a massive heavy bolt that staggers unshielded enemy combatants. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.
  • Leviathan’s Sigh – When fully drawn, the bolt creates a large concussive blast that knocks enemies back.

The following is a guide to all the quest steps to get Leviathan’s Breath.

The Back Way

Banshee-44 wants to give you a weapon stored in his workshop, but he didn’t specify how to get in. Locate the hidden entrance to Banshee’s workshop and find the weapon.

For this step you want to head to the Hangar in the Tower and go up when Xur normally hangs out at the weekend. Just over the gap and work your way through the tunnels until you get to a room. When you’re in the room jump up and you’ll find Leviathan’s Breath locked in storage. Try and open it up to move onto the next step of the quest.

Where Are the Keys, Sir

You found a Bow in a display case in a room that’s got to be Banshee’s workshop. Problem is, the case is locked. Return to Banshee to complain. (Politely, of course.)

For this step, head back to Banshee-44 and he’ll ask you to go out and collect materials.

Intro to Safecracking 101

You need a rotating keycode to access the Bow in Banshee’s workshop, but the original has been lost. You’ll have to generate a new code following the same steps that Banshee did. First on Banshee’s list is to get out into the field to seed a key generator with combat data. Seed data for a new keycode by completing Gambit matches or Vanguard strikes. Gambit Prime matches and Nightfall strikes grant the most efficient progress.

For this step, I did two nightfall strikes as each one gave me 50% progress.

Advanced Safecracking 201

The key generator is seeded with viable combat data, and it can now output keycodes… but to constrain the possible set of generated codes, Ghost says you’ll need to provide the generator with some more targeted data. Literally. Use a Bow to land precision final blows against Vex or Cabal.

For this step I farmed Vex Offensive to get precision final blows with a bow. I managed to do it in 2 games, but if you’re skilled with a bow I’m sure you can do it with one.

Economics of War

The key generator needs just a little more data before you’re ready to return to Banshee for final authentication. To further limit the possible codes the generator can create, you’ll have to recreate the conditions under which Banshee programmed the first codes: fighting Red Legion forces during the Red War. Complete an epic reprise of strike “The Arms Dealer” in the European Dead Zone on Earth.

Next up it’s the arms dealer strike. This one’s tough, with lots of enemies at the end of the strike so you want to be as high powered as you can be.

Applied Cryptosecurity

You’ve completed all the necessary calibrations on the key generator. The only thing remaining is a biometric authentication from Banshee. Return to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

Martial Archery 401

Return to Banshee’s workshop to claim the Bow.

Congratulations, you now have a brand new Leviathan’s Breath exotic bow!

Now you have the bow it’s time to test it out. As the Leviathan’s Breath bow is good against unstoppable champions we should find one. There’s an Unstoppable Ogre deep under the depths of the moon. He’s hanging out in Chamber of the Night near where we found the Horned Wreath. Once you’ve found your way to Chamber of the Night, introduce the Ogre to your new bow.

That’s it for this walkthrough of Leviathan’s Breath exotic quest. Check out the rest of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide. For more content like this subscribe to This Week In Video Games on YouTube today.

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