Destiny 2 – How to get Thorn (Exotic Hand Cannon)

This is a walkthrough for the quest steps for Thorn, an exotic hand cannon found in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Thorn was introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken as part of Season of The Drifter. So you’re going to have to own Destiny 2: Forsaken to be able to access this exotic quest. Thorn is a cool hand cannon which has an exotic perk on it that damages players over time. It’s a useful 150 hand cannon that’s good in PVP at the time of writing.

A Melted Hunk of Metal

To start the Thorn exotic quest you’re going to need to go to the EDZ and head towards the Salt mines. Land on the EDZ near where Devrim sits in his tower and then head forward, making your way through the Salt Mines and to a teleporter in front of the lift. Go through the teleporter, up the hill and up the side passage where you’ll see a little camp. In the ashes of the campfire, you’ll see a prompt to ‘Sift through the ashes’ – do this and you’ll get a quest step called ‘A melted hunk of metal’.

What you’ve found in the ashes is a Thorn, a legendary weapon capable of severing Guardians from the Light. The Shadows of Yor, followers of an infamous Guardian-killer, are well-known for carrying Thorns. This one is broken, so it’s time to go back to Banshee-44 (the Gunsmith) in the tower and see if you can fix it.

The Essence

Banshee’s interested in the weapon and thinks it’s possible to fix the broken Thorn, but you’re going to have to recover materials to do it. First up you need to collect Hadronic Essence. This can be done by completing bounties for Asher Mir on Io (5 Hadronic Essence), defeating Warlocks in Crucible (3 Hadronic Essence) or by completing Nightfall strikes (15 Hadronic Essence). You’ll need to collect 50 in total and Nightfall strikes are the most efficient way to complete this step of the quest.

The Steel

Next up you have to collect Plasteel Plating which can be found by completing bounties on Titan for Sloane (5 Plasteel Plating), defeating Titans in the crucible (3 Plasteel Plating) or by completing encounters in the Blind Well (10 Plasteel Plating). You’ll need to collect 50 in total and Heroic Blind well runs are the most efficient way to complete this step of the quest.

The Binding

Last we have to gather Sapphire Wire. This can be found by completing bounties for Ana Bray on Mars (5 Sapphire Wire), by defeating Hunters in the Crucible (3 Sapphire Wire), or by completing an Escalation Protocol wave (5 Sapphire Wire). You’ll need to collect 50 in total and Escalation Protocol waves grant the most efficient progress.

Weaponize the Unknown

Now you have gathered the materials you need to reconnect it to the Light somehow. Defeat Guardians in the Crucible with Void energy or hand cannons. Precision streaks using Void Hand Cannons grant the most efficient progress. Progress is multiplied in the Iron Banner or in Survival Crucible matches. This is likely to be the most lengthy step of the quest, I managed to complete mine during the most recent Iron Banner. Otherwise, make your Guardian void everything (abilities and void hand cannons) and go into Crucible. You don’t lose progress for dying, as you did during the Destiny 1 version of the quest.

Something Yet Remains

Now we’ve reconnected Thorn to the Light by powering it up it’s time to go and visit Tyra Karn in the Farm on the EDZ. You can get to the Farm through the director by selecting the EDZ and then the Farm.

The Chasm of Screams

The final step of the quest is to complete a reprise of Savathun’s Song on Titan. Tyra mentioned powering up the weapon with something called The Hated Path. It’s a sort of primer to transform an ordinary Hand Cannon into a Thorn. Bathe your Light in horrors. Feed your weapon with death. Bind it with sickness.

This is a tough mission, so I decided to team up with a fireteam to take on the mission. You can select the mission from the director, go to Titan and pick the strike. Once you finish up the strike, congratulations – you have your Thorn!

Go and test out your new Thorn

Now you have your own Thorn, jump into Crucible and test it out. The damage over time perk is very handy and it’s a useful 150 hand cannon in that slot.

That’s it for this walkthrough of Thorn exotic quest. Check out the rest of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide. For more content like this subscribe to This Week In Video Games on YouTube today.

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