Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How To Access The Vex Offensive Guide

This is a walkthrough for how to access the Vex Offensive activity found after the end of the main campaign in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

The Vex Offensive is a new 6 person matchmade activity which gives you activity-specific loot and rewards. The Vex offensive started at the same time as the raid where Vex is piling out of The Black Garden and attacking the moon. The Vanguard put out a call to all Guardians who weren’t taking part in the raid to help hold back the incursions on the moon.

To be able to enjoy the Vex Offensive mode, first of all, you’re going to have to complete a mission.

Go see Ikora in the Tower

To be able to access this mission you’ll need to have completed the Shadowkeep main campaign. Once you do this, go and see Ikora in the Tower. She’ll have a mission for you called Vex Invasion. To complete this mission head to the moon and kill 100 Vex and 3 Gatelords.

Kill Vex on the Moon

At first, it won’t be completely obvious where to go but have a look at the map and you’ll see Vex symbols dotted around the moon. There’s a Vex Incursion site at the Hellmouth, Archers Line and one next to the Anchor of Light. If you ride around the moon you’ll see what looks like huge lightning storms, which are actually Vex portals. Head towards these, kill 100 Vex and the big Vex machines are the Gatelords. You’ll want to kill 3 of these big guys. Once you have killed the amount of Vex you need to kill, go and see Eris.

Speak to Eris Morn

Hand in the quest to Eris and she’ll give you access to the Vex Offensive mode which can be accessed from the Director.

Vex Offensive – Enter the Black Garden

Now you have access to the Vex Offensive you’ll team up with 5 other matchmade guardians to take on waves of the Vex. This is a raid-lite activity with elements of the raid – bosses, jumping puzzles, but without the need for the serious coordination needed in a raid environment.

As for the activity itself, you have to fight through waves of Vex at varying levels. The mode teaches you the mechanic of using items and interacting with the environment that culminates in a big boss battle where you have to use the items to break his shield.

It’s a great mode for those who don’t have the time for raiding but want to taste some of the endgame content Bungie has to offer with Destiny. There’s good loot on offer and with the matchmaking, it makes it less stressful for those who don’t like to coordinate. For those who really enjoy this mode and have never raided before, I definitely recommend trying out one of the raids we have on offer in Destiny 2 (all year 1 raids are now free to play through New Light). Raiding is definitely one of the best gaming experiences there is out there, and the Vex Offensive is a starter course to that.

The Black Garden environment is very cool and it also feeds into the single evolving world that Luke Smith (Destiny’s Game Director) was talking about.

That’s it for this walkthrough of The Vex Offensive. Check out the rest of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide. For more content like this subscribe to This Week In Video Games on YouTube today.

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