Untitled Goose Game – The High Street

This is a walkthrough for Untitled Goose Game – The High Street. It includes a break down of all the steps for the to-do list and how to get to the next area.

  • Break the broom
  • Trap the boy in the phone box
  • Make the boy wear the wrong glasses
  • Get on TV
  • Make someone buy back their own stuff
  • Go shopping
  • Trap the shopkeeper in the garage

Break the broom

Go over to the market stall owner and she’ll try and “shoo” you away with the broom. Grab onto the broom, and keep holding on until it breaks.

Trap the boy in the phone box

Find the boy with glasses and honk in his direction so he runs towards the phone box. Keep honking and he’ll hide in the phone box to get away from you.

Make the boy wear the wrong glasses

Go and grab some glasses from the market stall where the lady is, and sneak up there and steal some glasses. Go over to the boy and drop them near him.

What you want to do next is make the boy drop the glasses, when he can’t see he’ll be reaching around on the floor for some glasses and you can give him, or put near him the other glasses to make him wear new glasses. To get him to drop his glasses either:

  • Wait for him take off his glasses and look at them, honk behind him and he’ll drop them
  • Trip him up by untying his laces with your beak by sneaking up on him and grabbing the laces, and honk behind him to chase him

Make someone buy back their own stuff

The boy likes to play with his toy plane, but he’s not always looking directly at it. Sometimes he’s playing football or is distracted. When he’s not looking, grab the plane and place it with the other toys at the market.

The boy will wander into the market, see his plane and ask for it back. The lady won’t let him and will force him to buy it back.

Get on TV

There’s a TV shop on the top left. While the boy is trapped in the phone box, honk outside the door of the shop and the owner will investigate. Run inside while the door is open and hit the switch to the left of the door, this turns the TVs to the CCTV cameras in the shop rather than what’s being broadcast.

Go shopping

Pick up the items on the list and put them in the basket. The toothbrush can be found inside the bin to the right of the High Street.

Trap the shopkeeper in the garage

Distract the lady by honking or picking up an item of hers and dropping it in the garage. She’ll follow you in there and you need to pull on the ring while she’s inside to drop the door and trapping her in the garage.

That’s it for this Untitled Goose Game – The High Street. If you want more Untitled Goose Game content then check out This Week In Video Games YouTube channel and subscribe today. Also, check out the review.

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