Untitled Goose Game – The Garden

This is a walkthrough for Untitled Goose Game – The Garden. This includes all the steps for the to-do list and how to get to the next area.

Get into the Garden

There are a few ways to get into the garden:

  • Honk at him and then drag one of the fertiliser bags away with your beak, he’ll come out to see what’s going on and then you can get into the garden that way
  • There’s a secret hole in the hedge to the left, you can get in that way
  • Pick up the radio, it turns on and he comes out to see what’s going on. Once he’s distracted, go into the garden

Get the groundskeeper wet

You can either place an item near the sprinkler and wait for him outside the garden to turn it on, or he’ll do some gardening with the trowel next to the sprinkler. Once he’s near the sprinkler, turn it on outside and get him wet.

Make the groundskeeper wear his sunhat

Wait until the groundskeeper is bending down for some gardening and then steal his hat by sneaking up close to him and grabbing it. You can run out of the secret exit to the left, so he can’t chase you, or you can hide it somewhere. Once he can’t find his hat he’ll put on the sun hat as a replacement.

Steal the groundskeeper’s keys

Sneak up on the groundskeeper while he’s gardening and grab the keys with your beak.

Rake in the lake

Distract the groundskeeper by picking up either a pot or a trowel and put it out the way and then grab the rake with your beak and drag it to the lake. Make sure he doesn’t catch up with you as he’s fast and will take the rake from you.

Have a picnic

Place a number of items on a picnic blanket outside the garden. The pumpkin, jam, thermos and carrot and in the garden itself. The other items are on the bench next to the blanket – including the sandwich (both halves) and the apple. The radio may still be outside, or the groundskeeper may have taken it inside the garden – depending on what happened you may have to sneak and get that back.

Make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb

By this point, the groundskeeper will be fed up of the goose and will want to hammer in his ‘no geese’ sign. Wait for him to do so and honk just before he hammers in the sign to scare him, and make him hammer his thumb. He’ll fall over and the door will open to the next area.

This allows you access to the next area – the High Street.

That’s it for this guide for Untitled Goose Game – The Garden. If you want more Untitled Goose Game content then check out This Week In Video Games YouTube channel and subscribe today. Also, check out the review.

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