Untitled Goose Game – The Pub

This is a walkthrough for Untitled Goose Game – The Pub. This includes all the steps for the to-do list and how to get to the final area.

The Pub to-do list

  • Get into the pub
  • Break the dartboard
  • Make the old man fall on his bum
  • Be awarded a flower
  • Get the toy boat
  • Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal
  • Set the table
  • Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head

Get into the pub

There’s a man at the front of the pub and if you try and get in, he’ll block your path, so you’ll need to find a way around him. There’s a couple of options here.

  • Honk behind the car to distract the man, and he’ll come looking for you. When he’s around the other side of the car run into the pub
  • Get into the box and the delivery person will carry you into the pub

Break the dartboard

Once you’ve made it into the pub wait by the man who’s playing darts. Wait for him to throw a dark and honk just before he does, startling the man and breaking the board.

Make the old man fall on his bum

Wait for the man to try and sit down on the stool and move the stool before he sits down.

Be awarded a flower

Go over to the ladies eating lunch at the pub and do the actions they ask you to do. They’ll give you a flower as a gift.

Get the toy boat

Sneak into the eating area with the tables, staying away from the cleaner. Go to the back left and turn on the tap, raising the boat in the sink over the top when the water fills the sink. Once it floats to the top, grab it and the boat is yours.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal

Go out of the pub and open the gates in preparation for this task, otherwise, you’ll be stopped in your tracks. Go back into the pub (by the methods described earlier) and sneak into the eating area and grab a pint glass. Run past the people and drop the glass in the canal.

Set the table

Take the items from the eating area to the back. You can sneak to the back area through the gap so you don’t have to go through the fence each time.

Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head

Move the fruit out of the container in the back one by one and then get the burly man to chase you to the back area by honking at him. When he sees the mess he’ll try and tidy up. Once he’s distracted, go into the kitchen and push the bucket on the burly man’s head.

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