Link’s Awakening – How to complete Level 4 Anglers Tunnel

Once you exit Yarna Desert with the Angler Key the Owl will return and direct you to the Mountain Waterfall which will lead you to Level 4 Anglers Tunnel.

Get access to Anglers Tunnel

An easy way to get there is to warp to the point near Dampe’s Shack and then go north. Fight your way through the enemies, remove the rocks and go up the ladder towards Tal Tal Heights. Go east battling your way through the enemies and you’ll find the keyhole for Anglers Key. The entrance to Anglers Tunnel will appear from the waterfall.

At this point go back west and Tal Tal Mountain Range will become clear on your map. Go back and up towards the mountain range. Pick up one of the three rocks outside the entrance to the mountain and go inside.

Make your way through the mountain, smashing the crystals and moving the blocks being careful not to fall through the cracked floors. Pick up the heart container while you are there.

Keep going through the tunnel going east. You’ll make your way out of the tunnel and will find the entrance to Anglers Tunnel. Jump down to start the dungeon.

Get the compass

Head through the first door and kill the enemies to open the door to the right. Go through the door and open the chest to reveal the compass.

Go south and kill the enemies here and open the chest to reveal a small key. Go back through the door and use the small key on the door to the right, you’ll need access to this room later on.

Get the Stone Beak

Go back to the first room where you came in, up the stairs and to the right. Open up the chest here to reveal the Stone Beak.

Get the map

Go north from where the stone beak was found and then to the left and here is the map.

Once you have the map go south and run and jump over the gap. Use a bomb on the cracked block to blow it up and move the other block out the way to reveal a small key. Go north, bombing the blocks once again to reveal another small key.

Go back to where you picked up the compass and right and use one of your small keys on the locked door. Kill the enemies there and long jump over the gap heading north. Use another small key on the locked block and push the blocks out of the way to get through. Once you have got through you can exit and come back in to reset the blocks if you need to. Go down the stairs and get to the end and you’ll find a pool of water. We’ll come back to that later on. Go back up the stairs and left, kill the enemies to drop a small key through a hole (which lands in the pool of water you have just seen).

Go south and speak to the Stone Bird and it will tell you that the glint of the stone will be your guide, remember this for later for the tile puzzle. Keep going south and then to the left jumping over the gaps. Be careful not to fall into the deep water as you’ll die. Kill the enemies guarding the chest, but beware the contents of the chest as there’s just a slime in there.

Go north and you’ll find the tile puzzle, however, it can’t be completed just yet because you can’t swim in the water to get the tiles in the correct order. We’ll come back to this later once we have the ability to swim. Go to the right and open the chest to reveal a small key. Go back to the room where the small key fell down the hole to reveal the mini-boss.


The mini-boss is a big water beetle. He can be a little tricky as you have to drop bombs by him and time it just right to get him on his back to hurt him. Do this a few times to kill him. Make sure you have plenty of bombs as this one can be tough timing and you’ll likely use a few bombs trying to get him. There are bombs dotted about the dungeon, or go back to Mabe Village and pick up some bombs from the shop. Once you kill him he’ll drop a warp point which is useful and a fairy to get your health back.

Get the Flippers

Go north into the next room and drag the bar back to open up the gap. Go through the door and open the chest to reveal the Flippers! The Flippers are essential as you can now swim in the deeper water in the dungeon (and around Koholint Island later).

Go south and you’ll find a tile puzzle. Remember what the Stone Bird said earlier and follow the glint of the tiles to get them in the correct order. Once you stand on them in the right order the door will open. This is mainly teaching you a mechanic that you’ll need later on, but it’s good practice.

Go south and dive into the water then go south and swim over to the chest to reveal 50 rupees. Swimming south allows you to access the button to open the door, but you’ll need a small key to get through the block.

Go back to the side-scrolling area from before where we saw the pool of water. You get there by jumping over the long jump to the north near where you picked up the compass. This time in the side-scrolling area we’ll see the small key in the pool of water, this dropped down earlier when we killed the enemies and the key fell through the hole in the floor.

Get the Nightmare Key

Go up the stairs and to the left and then push the tile out of the way and go left again back to the tile puzzle in the water. This time you have the flippers and can access the tiles in the correct order. This will reveal some stairs with thwomps. Jump up the ladder and onto the thwomps head and again up the ladder, go south to pick up the Nightmare Key.

Go back to the area where we needed the small key to get through the block and use the small key we picked up. Make your way through to the boss room.

Boss battle – Angler Fish

This boss is a little different as it’s done in side-scrolling mode. Jump into the water and swim down to reveal the boss. The boss this time is a fish called Angler Fish. Your job here is to swim around, avoiding the falling objects and other fish and hitting the shiny orb on the front of his head. Do this a few times and you’ll kill him, revealing a heart container for you.

Go back up the stairs, head north and you’ll get the Surf Harp!

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