Episode 32: Best of Interviews #2 – Games Industry Advice

This week I am on holiday so I’m bringing you a best-of compilation of some of the best interviews of the year. On the show, I’ll talk to industry experts of their process, how they got into the industry and any tips they might have for people looking to get into games.

  • First up I spoke to  Hannah Flynn & Toby from Failebetter Games and I asked them ‘how they got into the industry?’
  • Next up I spoke to Ben Wander talking about Airborne Kingdom and I asked him ‘how do you come up with ideas and work together as a team with The Wandering Band?’
  • Next up I spoke to Nathan Hamley Guard Duty and asked him ‘How did you first get into creating games?’
  • Finally, I spoke to Angelos and Nikos Pixel Reign and I asked them ‘What are the benefits of early access?’

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