Link’s Awakening – Kanalet Castle, Golden Leaves and how to find the Slime Key

Now we have completed Bottle Grotto and picked up the power bracelet we can move onto Key Cavern. However, to get inside we’re going to need the Slime Key in Ukuku Prairie which means meeting Richard and retrieving the five golden leaves from Kanalet Castle.

Just east of Mabe Village we’ll find the entrance to key cavern. First up we’re going to have to do some work someone named Richard who lives in a house south of the entrance to Key Cavern. Go inside Richard’s Villa and introduce yourself.

Richard tells you he used to live in Kanalet Castle, but his servants rebelled and he had to leave. Richard wants you to retrieve the five golden leaves and you’re going to need a shovel. If you haven’t already, buy one from Mabe Village Shop.

Kanalet Castle

Once you leave Richard’s house go east and north and you’ll find Kanalet Castle. The door is locked, so you’re going to need to find another way inside. Keep on going east and you’ll find Kiki the monkey. Kiki will help you get inside, but you’ll need to give Kiki some bananas. You’ll get the bananas as part of the trading quest which weaves throughout Link’s Awakening. If you haven’t done the trading quest, then you’ll want to start this now. Here’s a quick recap up to this point.

  • Get the Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game in Mabe Village
  • Trade the Yoshi Doll with Mamasha in the north of Mabe Village to get the Ribbon
  • Trade the Ribbon with the Mini BowWow at Madam MeowMeow’s house for the Dog Food
  • Trade the Dog Food with Sale in Toronbo Shores for the Bananas

Once you have the bananas give them to Kiki and you’ll get the Stick in return. As well as the Stick some monkeys will arrive and build you a bridge to help you get into Kanalet Castle.

Go over the bridge and make your way up the side of the castle. Remove the bush with your sword to reveal a hidden staircase that goes down. Make your way through the side scolling section

Find the Golden Leaves

  1. Once you’ve made your way into the castle go to the left and throw a rock against the tree to disturb the crow. When he flies down to attack you, kill him and pick up the first golden leaf
  2. Make your way around to the right where the guy who is hiding in the 5 holes throwing bombs at you. Tempt him out and hit him with your sword a few times to get the second golden leaf
  3. Go into the castle and kill the two Knights plus the slime guy to reveal the third golden leaf. Continue up and to the right and press the button to open the gates to the castle.
  4. Go up the stairs and through the door and into the next room. Place bombs in front of the cracks to reveal two Knights, kill them and pick up the forth golden leaf.
  5. Finally, continue through the castle down and to the right, out the door and back in the other door. Throw a pot against the door to open the door and then kill the Knight swinging the mace. Pick up the final golden leaf.

Congratulations you now have all the golden leaves!

Get the Slime Key

Now you have all the golden leaves go back to Richard’s Villa and hand them over. He’ll tell you to move the statue to find the reward. Once you move the statue you’ll reveal some stairs, go down and through the underground area and you’ll emerge in Pothole Field. Use your sword to reveal a path through Pothole field. In front of the Owl you’ll want to use your shovel and digging there reveals the Slime Key.

Now you have the slime key you can go to Level 3 Key Cavern.

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