Link’s Awakening – Rescue BowWow and Find Bottle Grotto

Now we have completed Tail Cave, I’ll walk through the steps to find the next dungeon, Bottle Grotto. This includes rescuing BowWow and navigating your way to Bottle Grotto Dungeon.

After you complete Tail Cave Dungeon you’ll want to head back to Mabe Village. Upon entering the village the two kids throwing the ball will be all panicked saying BowWow has been dognapped by some Moblins.

Rescue BowWow

After you’ve spoken to the kids you’ll want to head towards Madam MeowMeow’s house where she’s standing outside all hysterical. She explained BowWow’s been taken by some Moblins, so it’s time to head out and find where they’ve taken him.

Last time we saw some Moblins was in the Mysterious Forest, so we’ll want to head back towards the forest and start our search there. Make your way through the forest towards Koholint Prairie. Here you can jump over the gaps and pick up the heart piece that was on the floor.

Head north of the heart piece towards Tal Tal Heights to find the Moblin hideout. Battle your way through the hideout and you’ll reach the final Moblin. The strategy here is to get the Moblin to charge and then move out of the way, so he stuns himself leaving you to whack him with your sword. Do this a few times and you’ll defeat him and rescue BowWow.

Find Bottle Grotto Dungeon

Once you have BowWow you’ll want to take him to Goponga Swamp, as BowWow likes to eat the flowers that protect the entrance to the next dungeon. If you’re a little stuck use the phone to speak to Old Man Ulrira and he’ll give you some hints on what to do next.

Take BowWow just north of the mysterious forest (where you found the Tail Key) and there you’ll find Goponga Swamp. BowWow will charge ahead and eat the flowers that get in your way and protect the entrance to Bottle Grotto Dungeon.

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