Link’s Awakening – How to find the Tail Key, Mysterious Forest and Racoon puzzle

In this article, I’m going to look at how to get the Tail Key so you can enter the Tail Cave Dungeon. This will cover the Mysterious Forest, how to find the toadstool, how to find the Witch and how to get past the Racoon who is guarding the Tail Key.

The Mysterious Forest

When you reach the Mysterious Forest the Owl meets you there and says you should head to the Tail Cave Dungeon, but you’ll need the key found in this forest.

As you navigate the forest you’ll come across a racoon who says his nose is sensitive to ‘stuff like dust and powder’. You’ll want to get past this guy, but every time you do he teleports you back in the middle of the forest. So what you want to do at this point is to find something like dust and powder to use against him.

Finding the toadstool

From the location where you get teleported you want to go down and to the left, beat the moblins and the slime and find the entrance that looks like a tree stump. The sign outside says beware of the cracks on the floor, so don’t spend too much time standing on the cracks otherwise you’ll fall down and lose hearts.

Once you’ve entered the tree stump entrance smash the crystals with your sword and push the rock out of the way so you can open the chest and get the 50 rupees.

In the next room push the stones out of the way so you can make your way to the exit. Once you’ve exited the area kill the moblin and pick up the toadstool.

Finding the Witch and getting the magic powder

Now you have the toadstool you want to take it to the witch. Go back from where you came and move the stones out of the way. Once you exit the area up and to the right of the fairy is the exit to Koholint Prairie. Walk down and to the right and you’ll see a house that looks like an old tree, go inside.

Inside this house is the witch who’ll ask you for the toadstool. Give it to her and she’ll repay you by giving you some magic powder. Test it out in her shop by using it to light a lamp.

Get past the Racoon and find the Tail Key

Go back into the Mysterious Forest and back to where the Racoon is dancing. This time use the magic powder on him and he’ll transform back into Tarin, who thinks he’s woken up from a dream.

Head north, open the chest and inside you’ll find the Tail Key. Once you have the key the Owl will land near you and direct you towards the Tail Cave Dungeon.

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