Link’s Awakening – How to complete Level 2 Bottle Grotto

Now we have BowWow and removed the flowers, I’ll provide a walkthrough of Level 2 Bottle Grotto. This includes the compass, map, power bracelet and boss guides.

When you first enter Bottle Grotto you’ll notice lots of pots everywhere indicating the item for this dungeon will help you pick up heavy items like pots and stones.

Head north and use your magic powder to light the lamps. Then go right and kill the Stalfos to reveal the small key. Pick that up and use the small key to go south.

Find the compass

Here you’ll find a Shy Guy who mirrors your movements. The strategy here is to charge your sword to be able to hit him in the back as he’s well protected from the front. Once you kill him you’ll pick up the compass.

Once you have the compass go up and to the right. Hit the switch to allow you to get the chest, where you’ll receive a small key. Go right and jump over the gaps to push the button on the floor to reveal a chest. Open it up to get another small key.

Go north and you’ll be faced with 2 Shy Guys. Kill them to drop another small key on the other side of the wall, you’ll pick that up later. Go right and beat the two black spineys and use one of your small keys on the locked door to the top right of the room.

In this room, you’ll want to push the blocks back into the middle, when you do this will reveal some stairs at the top right of the screen. Go down the stairs and jump over the obstacles and up the ladder. Jump over the gap and go through the wall to the mini-boss.

Beat the Mini-Boss

In this room is the first mini-boss, he looks like a cyclops genie of some kind. He’ll try and grab you, so dodge out of the way and hit him with your sword. Be careful of the floor tiles as you’ll fall through otherwise.

Find the map

Once you beat him go to the right and jump over and round to the right. In the next room, you’ll be sucked into the bottom left-hand corner. Navigate your way to the chest and open it up to reveal the map.

Find the Stone Beak

Head back to where you had to light the two lanterns with magic powder and pick up the remaining small key that dropped on the other side of the wall when you fought the Shy Guys.

Open the locked door with the small key. In the next room light the lamps and kill the bats to open the door. In the next room jump over the gap and open the chest to reveal the Stone Beak. The Stone Bird statues will give you some helpful tips including the puzzle to pick up the Nightmare Key.

Find the Power Bracelet

After you’ve got the map go north and open up the chest for 20 rupees. Use one of your small keys on the locked door and you’ll be in a room with two boos. Use your magic powder on the lamps to light them and scare the boos away. Once they have gone a chest will appear and you’ll get the power bracelet.

Go out of the room and you’ll now be able to pick up the pots. Use one of the pots to throw at the switch and navigate your way to the chest over the other side by standing on top of the blue blocks. Get the small key from the chest and use it on the locked door.

Here you’ll find a room with two bunnies that seem invincible. Pick up the pots and throw them at the bunnies to kill them to reveal some stairs. Go down the stairs and stand on the platforms to lower them. One has an angry face and you don’t seem heavy enough so go and pick up a pot to make yourself heavier. In the next room is the boss door, but we’ll need to find the Nightmare Key to get into the boss room.

Find the Nightmare Key

In the room where you threw the pots at the bunnies, you want to go out of the room to the left and then down. Here you’ll find the Nightmare Key puzzle. There are 3 enemies here – a bat, a cloaked Stalfos and a bunny who is trapped. These enemies need to be killed in the correct order to complete the puzzle. If you kill them in any order, then you’ll notice the sound.

The correct order is Bunny, bat, Cloaked Staflos. Once you do this a chest will appear and present you the Nightmare Key. This information is also made available to you through the Stone Bird statues – however, I did it through trial and error and it didn’t take too long.

Boss Battle – Genie

Now you have the nightmare key you’ll want to go back towards the boss room which is found in the room with the two bunnies you killed with the pots to reveal the stairs. Go down the stairs, past the platforms (remembering to pick one up to make yourself heavier) and reach the boss door.

Genie is your boss battle this time. He claims nothing can hurt him while he has his bottle. He floats around and throws fireballs at you. You’ll want to wait until he goes inside his bottle and then throw him against the wall. After a few times of doing this, you’ll break his bottle and he’ll get pretty mad.

For the second phase of the fight, he’ll split into 3 and spin around you and will keep you guessing as to which one will attack you. When he does try and attack, dodge out the way of his fireballs and attack him with your sword. Do this 3 times and you’ll kill him to reveal a heart container.

Go through the door and you’ll receive the Conch Horn!

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