Link’s Awakening – How To Complete Level 1 Tail Cave Dungeon

In this article, I’m going to look at how to beat Level 1 Tail Cave Dungeon. This includes finding the map, compass, Roc’s Feather (for jumping) and boss strategies.

Once you enter the dungeon go up and stand on the platform to reveal the chest, inside will be a small key. Pick that up and continue through the dungeon.

Find the map

Go to the right of the room where you found the small key by stepping on the button on the floor and you’ll find a room with two lamps, two stalfos and two bats. Kill all the enemies in the room to reveal a chest and inside you’ll find the dungeon map. This will make things easier to find.

Find the compass

To find the compass go left when you first enter the dungeon. Pick up the small key on the way and then go into the room with the slime enemies. Kill them as that will make opening the chest much easier.

Once you have these items go back to the room with the button and the small key and go left. Kill the bats that will open the door and allow you to get to the next room. Keep going up and use the small key on the locked door. Make your way around the room and you’ll notice one of the floor plates is off to the left, push back to the right to complete the pattern and the door will open.

Get the Roc’s Feather

Defeat the spiney enemies by holding your shield up against them and letting them bounce off you. You’ll then be able to attack their soft underbelly. Once you’ve killed them both go down the stairs and work your way up and open the chest. Inside is the Roc’s Feather, which will allow you to jump. Assign this to one of your buttons (either X or Y).

Once you have the Roc’s Feather go back the way you came, and this time opens up the chest to reveal a small key. Continue right and use the small key on the locked door. Use the Roc’s Feather to jump over the gap. Here is your first mini-boss.

Defeat the mini-boss

The mini-boss throws a spined roller at you and you’ll want to use the Roc’s Feather to jump over the roller and attack him with the sword. Once you’ve hit him a few times he’ll die and leave you a teleport point that will connect back to the start of the dungeon.

Find the Stone Beak

In the room where you jumped over the gap to fight the mini-boss, instead of going to the right you want to go up and into the room where you have 3 enemies with symbols on their chest. Attack the enemies so they all have the same symbol on their chest to solvte the puzzle (either hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs). Open up the chest to reveal the stone beak, this allows you to speak to the stone birds throughout the dungeon who will give you tips and tricks on how to complete puzzles.

Find the nightmare key

The Nightmare Key allows you to access the boss room for the boss battle in Tail Cave Dungeon. The Nightmare key is in the middle of the dungeon and you’ll need the Roc’s Feather to jump over the gap and then use a small key to open the locked stone that blocks your path. Use a combination of the map and compass to find small keys. These are normally found in chests or by killing all enemies in a room. The compass will make a sound when you enter a room with a chest.

Boss battle – Moldorm

To find the boss go back to where you fought the mini-boss and make your way through the underground path and up the other side. Open up the door with the Nightmare Key and you’ll be faced with Moldorm. He’s a huge worm-like creature who will charge around and try to fill you.

Hit his tail with your sword 3 times and you’ll kill him, leaving you with a heart piece. Then go through to the next room to the north and pick up the Full Moon Cello.

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