Link’s Awakening – How To Get The Sword And Shield

In this article, I’m going to look at getting your sword and shield.

When you first start Link’s Awakening we see our hero Link on board a ship in the middle of a great storm. Lightning strikes the ship and the screen goes white. We cut to a young girl finding a washed-up Link on the beach.

In any Legend of Zelda game, you’re going to want to find the sword and shield as fast as possible because these are the basic tools for you to protect yourself and attack enemies or cut down obstacles in your path.

Link wakes up in a bed with a young girl next to him. He mistakes her for Princess Zelda, when in fact she’s called Marin. She explains that Link is on Koholint Island and he must still be feeling a little woozy from his crash.

Get The Shield From Tarin

Acquiring the shield is nice and simple in Link’s Awakening. Once you’ve finished talking to Marin, speak to Tarin and he says he knows your name. He knows this because it’s written on your shield, and then he hands it over.

Go To Toronbo Shores

Once you have your shield you want to head to Tonronbo Shores as Marin says to follow the path down that way to reach the beach, but you have to be careful because there have been a lot more monsters about recently.

Exit the house, and go left, past the BowWow that’s chained up outside a house and keep on going left and down. Follow the path and use your shield to protect you from the monsters that try to shoot you with their projectiles.

Get The Sword

Use your shield to push the spikes enemies that block your path and you’ll find the sword.

Just before you pick up the sword a mysterious owl lands telling you about how the monsters have become more violent recently and you are here to wake the Wind Fish. He says your next task is to go north and meet him at the Mysterious Forest and then flys away.

Once he’s gone you can pick up the sword and use it to protect yourself from attacking enemies.

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