Destiny 2 – Solstice Of Heroes 2019 Guide

Solstice of Heroes 2019 has begun in Destiny 2. It’s a chance to celebrate the year in Destiny 2, your achievements, the friends you’ve made and the aliens you’ve killed.

The following is a guide to the event including how to pick up the Solstice Armour quest, the new European Aerial Zone, how to find Solstice key fragments to open as many Solstice packages as possible and what’s available in Eververse until the end of August.

The event is available for all Guardians (you don’t have to own the annual pass to access this content) and to start the event head over to Eva Levante near the Statue of Heroes in the Tower.

Starting the Solstice of Heroes Armour quest

First up you want to go and see Eva Levante at the Tower. She’s right there next to the Statue of Heroes. When you first speak to Eva she’ll tell you how wonderful you are and how Solstice is a time in Destiny where we look back on our yearly achievements and give thanks to Guardians for saving the Last City.

Once she’s done that she’ll give you your first piece of amour, which will be a helmet. You’ll want to equip this helmet and then go for your first run the European Aerial Zone – the new 3-player matchmade activity for Solstice of Heroes. Once you complete your first run, you’ll get given the remaining pieces of ‘Drained’ Uncommon armour.

Solstice armour sets


Each armour piece has 3 goals on it which range from collecting orbs, completing crucible/gambit matches, strikes, opening Solstice packages, completing Eva’s bounties and goals relating to the European Aerial Zone.

Upgrade your armour

Once you complete these goals you’ll get given an upgraded set of armour. You start out with the ‘Drained’ Uncommon armour (green), next you’ll get the ‘Renewed’ Rare armour (blue) and once you complete the upgrade process and hit the goals on each piece of gear (head, arms, body, legs, class item) you’ll be rewarded with the ‘Majestic’ Legendary armour (purple). There’s a final set of objectives to unlock the Masterwork version of the gear too.

Upgrading gear can be a time-consuming process and one of the frustrating things in 2018 was that shortly after we collected our armour it became obsolete which Destiny 2: Forsaken came out. This year is different as we’ll be able to collect our armour 2.0 ready Solstice Legendary set from the Gunsmith in October when Shadowkeep launches.

It’s going to take a little while to unlock the armour. You may want to focus on one set for your favourite Guardian, or you may want to upgrade more than one. It’s going to be a bit of a grind considering you have to complete double figures worth of crucible matches, public events, adventures and strikes. However, that armour is very good looking indeed and it’ll also give you a significant power boost if you are not yet max-level in Destiny 2.

Elemental Buffs

Each day of the event an element will be features – Arc, Solar or Void. Elemental kills will reward orbs to help you upgrade your gear. If you collect 30 orbs to match the daily element then you’ll become empowered with an elemental buff for a short time. These buffs can really change the way you play.

While empowered, Guardians emit a burning wave of energy that damages anything around them.

Crouch while empowered to become invisible and gain Truesight plus enhanced ability regeneration.

While empowered, Guardians move with enhanced speed and deal greater melee and Sword damage.

These buffs will not be active in Competitive or Gambit Prime.

European Aerial Zone

There’s a new activity available in the European Aerial Zone where you can test out the elemental buffs and pick up Solstice packages hidden in chests. Here you’ll fight Hive, Cabal or Fallen in a new 3 player matchmade activity.

Defeat as many mini-bosses before the timer expires to face off against a final boss. Once you defeat the final boss then it’s time to collect the loot by searching out the treasure chests in the EAZ. The more minibosses you defeat the more treasure you’ll get.

European Aerial Zone – Source

How to find chests at the end of the European Aerial Zone

Once you beat the bosses you’ll want to get up high and spot the hidden chest locations. The chest locations will be marked on the screen for a few seconds before they disappear, so if you can get up on top of a building then you’ll be able to spot the hidden chests and work with your fireteam to find them all. You get a hidden chest for each mini-boss you defeat.

How to open Solstice Packages with key fragments

Chests contain Solstice packages you can open with Soltice Key Fragments found during activities played during Solstice of Heroes. Once collected, Solstice packages end up in your inventory after EAZ runs. Once you have collected enough keys you’ll be able to open the packages. Each package needs 15 key fragments to open and you can collect key fragments around the solar system doing activities.

  • Heroic Public Event – 5 key fragments
  • Solstice Bounties – 5 key fragments
  • Director Strike – 9 key fragments
  • Crucible – 11 key fragments
  • Playlist Strikes – 17 key fragments
  • Nightfalls – 24 key fragments

Solstice packages include Rare and Legendary gear, mods, enhancement cores and materials. Solstice packages also are part of the quest for upgrading your armour.

Cosmetic Items

There are some new items in the Eververse Store. Every item is available through direct purchase with Silver or Bright Dust, rather than an event engram. Armour glows are available for each armour set. They work with any version of the set and give your guardian that little bit extra to walk around the tower in style. Armour glows shine their brightest when matched up with the right element. Armour glows are also available after the event ends. There are other items including sparrows, a ship and some very Summery ghosts.

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Solstice of Heroes 2019 runs from 30th July – 27th August 2019 and there’s a lot of content on offer. Solstice gear is often some of the best looking gear in the game, and together with the glows and the fact you can pick up a fresh set when Shadowkeep launches that’s armour 2.0 ready makes this Solstice of Heroes extra fun.

Find out more on Bungie’s website.