How To Get Lumina (Exotic Hand Cannon) Quest Guide Destiny 2

The Lumina Hand Cannon has been added to Destiny 2’s arsenal. Lumina is one of many hand cannons added to Destiny 2: Forsaken, however, this one is a little different – as well as hurting your opponents you can heal your teammates.

The Lumina quest starts out with it’s ‘sister’ hand cannon, Thorn. You’ll have to find the original Thorn, pick up another legendary hand cannon Rose along the way to finally earning Lumina.

It’s a lengthy quest and you’ll be travelling all across the solar system taking on different activities, teaming up with a fireteam and mastering your hand cannon skills in this exotic questline. The following is a guide to all the steps for Lumina, starting out at the EDZ.

Find letter from Shin Malphur on EDZ

First up it’s time to pick up the quest itself which is found on the EDZ. Head towards Trostland near where Devrim sits in his watchtower and then go north into the Salt Mines. Make your way through the storage units and through the double doors marked ‘Salzwerk’ and then go towards the busted lift which you’ll recognise from the main story campaign. In front of the lift, you’ll find a teleporter which you can interact with. Go through the teleporter, up to the hill, and past the Fallen. You’ll see a section sealed off by a Fallen field and you’ll want to follow the path that leads upwards. Jump up into the save and follow the path to the campsite. If you did the Thorn quest then you’ll recognise this area. If not, no worries. Go forward, past the fire and towards the back and you’ll find a chest – open up the chest and the Lumina quest can begin.

Finding Rose

Once you’ve read the letter from Shin Malfur then it’s time to use the calibration device to find a rose covered chest in a Lost Sector. The quest text will give you a clue to where it is. The location for this step varies and it changes each hour. When I did my quest I found it on the Tangled Shore. If you get stuck simply search online with the location plus ‘lumina quest’ and you’ll find a video or guide to finding the location of the chest.

Bearers of Evil Past

For this step of the quest, you want to generate 250 orbs. I found the fastest way for me was to drop into The Blind Well and do a few rounds here. You can also use masterwork weapons to generate orbs. Wherever you go you want to drop into somewhere you can refill your super quickly. Some go to The Leviathan to farm enemies, some go into PVP but for me, The Blind Well was the best option considering my current loadout and who was online at the time with my clan.

Rose, Revealed

The next step of the quest is to restore the perks on your Rose. There’s a couple of sub-quest steps here to help restore the Rose perks.

Band together

Complete a 50,000 point Nightfall. This is pretty straight forward, hop into nightfall and kill as many enemies as you can trying to be as accurate as you can. I didn’t do anything specific on this part of the quest and we managed it in a single run.

Face the hordes

For this step of the quest, you can choose between The Blind Well, Escalation Protocol or Black Armoury Forges. Heroic Blind Well runs earn the most points the fastest way possible with 7 points for a successful run. When I did this step I chose The Blind Well and found a few folks via the Bungie app to run a few rounds and got this step done fairly quickly.

Defend the light

Next up you’re going to want to kill 100 enemies without reloading your weapon. Here I used Sweet Business (the exotic auto rifle) while I was running rounds of The Blind Well and again, got this step ticked off nice and quickly.

Fireteam Leader

Now that you’ve restored Rose with all it’s perks you need to power it up by getting kills in activities around the solar system. You get bonus points here for running with a fireteam who also have Rose equipped.

For this part of the quest, I ran Lake of Shadows in the EDZ over and over. It’s quite easy to speed run and I found a fireteam to help me out. I think running a strike with another fireteam with Rose equipped earned me somewhere between 10-12% per run, so I had to run approx 8 times. In the middle, I did a run of The Menagerie to mix it up a little, but speedrunning Lake of Shadows felt the most efficient way to complete this step of the quest.

Strength in Numbers

The next step of the quest is split into 3 parts – You’ll need to kill Guardians with a hand cannon as part of a fireteam, generate 50 orbs of light and kill an invader before they kill anyone in your team in Gambit.

Guardian kills

Hop into PVP with a fireteam and use hand cannons to get kills. You can use any hand cannon you want – I used a combination of Ace of Spades and Rose and got the required kills in a few matches of Quickplay in Crucible.

Generate 50 Orbs

For this step of the quest, I jumped back into The Blind Well and used my Super ability to create orbs for my fireteam. I managed to get this done fairly quickly. You can also put on a Masterwork weapon to help generate your orbs. The main thing is to head into an activity where there are lots of enemies like Lost Sector

Deny an invader

This is most likely the hardest part of the quest as you have to kill an invading opponent in Gambit before they kill anyone on your team, or anyone else gets to them first. At the time of creating this guide, the Lumina quest was very popular which changed the play style in Gambit quite a bit. I found teams were hesitant to invade, so chances were few and far between. My strategy for this step was to build up my range super (hammer Titan) and once an invader came over to our side I’d pop my super and then chase down the invader.

It’s a tough step, but once you’re through this step it’s onto the home straight – so don’t give up here.

Hunt the Crystals

The final part of the quest is to do a run of Will of the Thousands strike on Mars. The objective here is to find the Hive crystals that are dotted around the map and shoot them with Rose. You have to destroy 11 Hive crystals in total and there’s more than that around the map. Make sure you take out 11 in the same run before you get to the final boss Xol.

Here’s where you can find the crystals.

Dynamo Approach

This is right at the start of the strike. Jump on your sparrow and clear out all the adds before hopping up onto the ledge to get a good view of the crystals. There are 8 crystals here just before you enter the ice cave.

Alton Dynamo

After the head into the cave there are another 9 crystals here. Clear out the adds and look up and around and they are fairly easily to spot.


Keep running through the strike and get to the section with Ogre. Kill the adds and look up and around the structures and you’ll see the crystals. There’s 9 to find here. Destroy them all and move onto the next area.

Alton Dynamo (Valkyrie Forge)

In the room where you throw the Valkyrie into the generator there’s another 10 crystals. Once again look up and destroy them all before moving on.


At the final battle with the boss there’s another 11 crystals to be found. Before you jump down to face Xol there’s a few easy ones to pick off, otherwise jump down and finish up the crystals before taking on the worm god.

Once you’ve destroyed enough crystals defeat Xol and that’s it… Lumina is yours.

Lumina Perks

Lumina – Exotic Hand Cannon / Destiny 2: Forsaken
  • Noble Rounds: Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants. Absorbing a Remnant converts your next hip fired shot into an ally-seeking
    Noble Round and partially refills the magazine.
  • Chambered Compensator: Stable barrel attachment. Increases stability. Moderately controls recoil. Slightly decreases handling speed.
  • Accurized rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances. Increases range.
  • Blessing of the Sky: Using a Noble Round on an ally heals them and grants both you and them a weapon damage bonus for a short time.
  • Polymer Grip: This weapon is made of lighter material. Increases handling speed.