How To Get Truth (Exotic Rocket Launcher) Quest Guide Destiny 2

Truth is an exotic rocket launcher and comes to Destiny 2 as part of Season of Opulence. The Truth was a popular exotic rocket launcher as it had tracking features, making it deadly in PVP. This isn’t a time-gated quest – you can go and get it as long as you have access to Destiny 2: Forsaken and Season of Opulence.

Here’s the steps required for the quest

  • Complete a run of the Menagerie
  • Speak to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City
  • Complete the weekly Ascendant Challenge
  • Find four map fragments
  • Decode four map fragments
  • Find the Fallen artefacts in Warden of Nothing strike
  • Complete Warden of Nothing and find the hidden chest behind the boss while ascendant

Complete a run of the Menagerie

The first step is to complete a run of the Menagerie. When you start Season of Opulence you’ll be directed towards The Invitation questline (check out this video here for a guide on how to complete the starter quest) will walk you through the requirements for the Menagerie and using the Chalice of Opulence. When you complete a run of the Menagerie you’ll be given a quest called A Scrap of Paper.

Speak to Petra Venj

A Scrap of Paper tells you to go to the Dreaming City and speak to Petra Venj, who’s got something for you. She wants you to complete an Ascendant challenge. These rotate weekly over a period of 6 weeks. When I did mine the ascendent challenge was in the Bay of Lost Wishes Lost Sector which is directly behind you when you land in the Dreaming City. You can find guides for finding out where the ascendent challenge is this week. Ascendant challenges generally mean drinking a Tincture of Queensfoil, finding a portal on the Dreaming City and completing a challenge. Once you complete the weekly challenge and open the chest at the end you’ll be given the next part of the quest.

Find four map fragments

The next part of the quest is called A Map Asunder. This is where you solve clues to find map fragments and then decode these map fragments. There are 4 riddles on the quest

The solutions to the four riddles are as follows:

  • Complete a Nightfall strike
  • Use a Tincture of Queensfoil and locate an Ascendant Chest on Nessus
  • Find an Ascendant Chest within the Dreaming City.
  • In Patrol, kill an Ogre found in the same location as you found The Mindbender on The Tangled Shore

At the time of making this guide, there was a bug which allowed me to pick up each of the map fragments from Petra Venj as abandoned quests.

Decode four map fragments

Once you have the map fragments it’s onto decoding each fragment

Corsair Down Badge

On the Dreaming City, you’ll need to kill scorn until they drop a Corsair Down badge. There are a few different Corsair Down locations, this is where a Corsair lays injured somewhere in the Dreaming City. Each Corsair Down badge has a clue on it. Mine said, “There’s a transmission that’s repeating something about Aphelion”. There’s a lost sector by the name of Aphelion’s Rest in the Dreaming City. To reach it, you need to go to Petra Venj in the Strand, then jump off the cliff. Turn around once you land, and you’ll see a cave. Go inside, beat the taken look for the body. Beat the spawned enemies and then take the completed badge to a Corsair Outpost.

Nightfall Rocket Kills

The next step is to get rocket kills in nightfalls. The best thing to do here is to increase the power handicap to 100, equip your favourite rocket launcher, turn on heavyweight and do some nightfalls. You need 60 kills and complete 3 nightfalls.

Rocket kills on Nessus while asecendant

Head to Nessus and drink a Tincture of Queensfoil to become ascendant and then rain down death with a rocket launcher on Nessus. You’ll need 50 kills in total with rockets so best to do public events or Lost Sectors where there’s a collection of enemies. If you get multi-kills you’ll get bonus points, so try and wait for enemies to bunch up before sending them to their deaths with a hail of rockets

Kill Hive on the Tangled Shore

This step is relatively straight forward – you simply have to go to the Tangled Shore, find some Hive and start killing them. This time you don’t need to use a rocket launcher, you are free to use whatever weapon you want. I mainly did public events for this step, but you can also do Lost Sectors. The only requirement here is Hive. Once you have completed these 4 steps, then you have completed that part of the quest.

Find the Fallen artifacts in Warden of Nothing strike

Next, it’s onto The Warden of Nothing Strike in Tangled Shore (which is one of the best in the game for D1 nostalgia). The final step of the quest is called ‘Candy from a baby’.

During the strike, you need to find Fallen artifacts. They kind of look like mini-Saturn shapes and they glow. When you collect these you’ll see a pop-up message in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen saying “Platform has spawned”. There are 7 locations in total:

  1. When you enter the strike, just after the first Minotaur look on the top of some boxes
  2. Where you find the pikes after falling down a hole in the floor at the back
  3. When you enter the room with the four trams, jump on the railings and look towards the wall.
  4. Again when you are in the room with the four trams, go down to the underground tunnel and find the pike. There’s an artifact next to gas canisters
  5. When you leave the tram section, look at the orange pipes and see another artifact there
  6. At the back of the room where you fight the big Minotaur and Vex, look to the right of the barrier near the exit
  7. Where you pick up the scorch cannon in the Prison of Elders arena, look underneath
  8. Where mine B is in the Prison of Elders, look on the top of some boxes

Find the hidden chest

Once you have found the Fallen artefacts and killed the boss, pop a tincture of Queensfoil and find the platform behind where the boss flew in. There you’ll see the platforms. Keep going along the platforms and find the chest. Open the chest and the exotic rocket launcher Truth is yours!