How To Use And Upgrade The Chalice Of Opulence – Destiny 2

The Chalice of Opulence is used in partnership with The Menagerie to help you pick and choose the loot you earn from the activity.

Use runes with your chalice to get loot

To get the most out of the chalice and the Menagerie you’ll collect runes throughout the world to slot into the chalice.

Runes can be found in the world in the following ways.

Completing weekly bounties from Werner or Benedict. Opening up chests on the barge on Nessus – beware though as there cost 5k glimmer each. Pick up a buff from Werner called Rune Finder which will reward extra runes as you do daily and weekly activities such as Gambit, strikes, crucible and dreaming city objectives.

Once you have your runes you can slot these into the chalice before you go into the Menagerie. At the end of the Menagerie when you open up the reward chest the contents of your chalice will affect the loot you get as a reward.

You’ll want to upgrade your chalice of opulence if you want more powerful rewards including armour and masterworks. When you start only the top slot will be open, but as you play through the Menagerie and gather rewards you’ll earn Imperials to upgrade the chalice.

Upgrade your chalice with Imperials

To upgrade your chalice you’ll need to collect Imperials. There are a few places you can collect Imperials.

Weekly bounties from Werner earns access to treasure chests which will give you a small amount of Imperials. Opening chests on the barge on Nessus earns a few more imperials. You can use consumables to get more Imperials which you can buy from Werner or Benedict.

Completing triumphs for the Menagerie is one of the fastest ways to earn Imperials as you’ll get 500 for each triumph. Check out the requirements for the triumphs and head back into the Menagerie to earn more. These triumphs range from beating bosses or completing encounters before the time runs out. Selected Werner bounties also unlock triumphs, allowing you to get more Imperials.

The best way to get the best loot is to upgrade the chalice and you can do so in any order you want. After the first run of the Menagerie, you’ll get a bunch of Imperials and will be guided through upgrading the chalice by Werner. After the first run, you’ll have enough for one upgrade and the best place to start is with Power & Efficiency I. This is in the bottom right of the screen of the Chalice of Opulence. Once you upgrade this and open a chest on the barge on Nessus, you’ll be free to roam and upgrade the rest of the chalice.

I recommend then saving up 3,000 Imperials and going for Power & Efficiency II as this will give you one more powerful reward per week. This also unlocks the chance for weekly and daily playlist activities to drop Imperials too. When you’ve opened up Power & Efficiency II you can purchase a buff from Werner or Benedict called Wealth of the Emperor. This buff increases the chance for Imperials to drop in playlist activities and throughout the Menagerie.