How to access the Menagerie – The Invitation Quest Guide – Destiny 2

The Season of Opulence is here and with it comes the Menagerie. This is a new six-person match-made activity with raid like mechanics, objectives and hordes of enemies. It’s a great addition to Destiny 2 and the following is a step-by-step guide on how to access the Menagerie.

The Invitation Walkthrough

Pick up The Invitation from Benedict 99-40

When you load up Destiny 2 you’ll be presented with an Imperial Summons from Benedict 99-40. Go to the tower and land over on the left-hand side of the screen. You can hover over Benedict and track him to make him easier to find. Once you have found him pick up The Invitation Quest.

After going to see Benedict 99-40 go and visit Ikora

Once you have picked up the quest head on over to Ikora. Speak to her and pick up the power surge package and then go to Nessus.

Go to Nessus and find the Barge and talk to Werner 99-40

Land to the north of the map near Watcher’s Grave. You can track the new icon that’s appeared on the map to make it easier to find. Talk to Werner and he’ll send you off to collect a few things. Pick up the other power surge package and you’ll be on your way to 690.

  • The first thing you want to do is find Cabal and kill them to pick up the 10 chalice fragments. Go to Artifacts Edge and wait for the public event there to find Cabal.
  • Track down and kill 25 Vex with melee finishing blows.
  • Go to the Conflux Lost Sector on Nessus and open up the chest. In the chest, you’ll find 1000 imperials which will allow you to upgrade your chalice.
  • Open up the chalice in the pursuits tab and unlock ‘Gear Archetype’ slot

Complete the Glorious Harvest bounty and complete a Challenge

For this step of the quest, you’ll need to play Destiny 2 to generate Orbs of Light and Complete a challenge. I played a few rounds of Gambit, a few strikes and did the heroic adventure to complete the challenge.

Find the Imperial Treasure Map in the Well of Flames on Nessus

On your map you’ll see the imperial treasure map marked near the Well of Flames. There’s a large tower in the Well of Flames. Scale the tower, jump through the hole and the treasure map is there at the bottom. Once you open the chest you’ll have a Rune of Jubilation, which you then need to slot into your chalice of opulence. Do this by opening up the persuits, inspecting it and adding the rune.

Go back to the barge and speak to Werner 99-40

You’ve now completed all the steps needed to access the Menagerie. Go back to Werner and he’ll give you another package which will boost you up to 690 and this will allow you to access the Menagerie.

Go into the Menagerie and complete your first run and open the final chest

The Menagerie can be found on The Leviathan found in the director screen of Nessus in the bottom left hand cover. There’s a new icon on The Leviathan for the Menagerie – select that and you’ll be match-made into the activity with 5 other players. Complete your first run and open up the chest at the end with your rune powered chalice you aquired in the previous step.

Go back to Nessus and open the chest on the barge

Once you’ve finished up your first run go back to Werner on Nessus and open up one of the chests on the barge. This is the final step of The Invitation Quest and now you’re free to collect runes and farm the Menagerie to get that loot.