Destiny 2 Season Of Opulence

Bungie released season seven of Destiny 2 recently, The Season Of Opulence. As with other new seasons of Destiny 2 there’s new weapons, armour, a new raid and activities to enjoy. This season introduces a new six-person activity called The Menagerie where you run a raid-like activity to get some of the best loot in the game.

As the name suggests, The Season Of Opulence, we’re headed back to Calus’ Leviathan and the theme of the season is Cabal once again after last season six focused on The Drifter and season five focused on The Black Armoury. Season 7 is the last season of Destiny 2: Forsaken content before we move into Destiny 2: Shadowkeep in September.

Season Of Opulence Content & Roadmap

The Season Of Opulence Roadmap from Bungie
  • June 4th – Menagerie & Crown of Sorrow Raid
  • June 11th – New Menagerie Boss & Truth Quest
  • June 18th – New Menagerie Boss & Iron Banner Quest
  • June 25th – Menagerie Heroic Mode
  • July 2nd – Lumina Quest
  • July 9th – Tribute Hall and Moments of Triumph
  • July 30th – Solstice of Heroes

The new season contains new pinnacle weapons, quests, a new raid and the focus is on The Menagerie.

The Menagerie

The season’s focus is the Menagerie, a new six-person match-made activity, where you runt through a series of objectives, hordes of enemies and boss encounters in random order. Once you have gone through the activities and build up enough power you and your team face off against the final boss. Bungie plans to introduce new bosses as the weeks go by.

New Raid – The Crown Of Sorrow

We don’t know too much about the raid yet other than it’s going to release on day one of the new season, which has left some Destiny players power levelling to get raid ready. With the new raid being released on day one it’s certainly going to make the race to world first interesting.

New Weapons & Armour

A new season brings new opportunities to level up and this time we can choose our gear. As Guardians we can use the Chalice Of Opulence to choose which type of gear we earn from The Menagerie. Ranks are reset in Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit and new pinnacle weapons are there to chase including a new sniper, grenade launcher and bow.

Gameplay updates

Bungie has included a feature called Power surge, which will likely help Guardians that have fallen behind get up to light level. Iron Banner returns as well as new exotic weapons and armour. Unfortunately, there are a few nerfs coming too.

Free Summer event

The Solstice of Heroes is back giving allowing players to celebrate the victories of the past. This includes commemorative gear and the chance to win IRL prizes (last year Bungie gave away a great t-shirt with your gamer tag on it) in Ages Of Triumph.