Square Enix E3 Round-Up

Square Enix took to the E3 stage this week and discussed their upcoming games for 2019/20.

Marvel Avengers was revealed to the audience. The game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics and you’ll be able to play as Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow (no Hawkeye, unfortunately). They have an all-star cast of voice actors including Nolan North (Tony Stark) and Troy Baker (Bruce Banner). Gameplay including four-player co-op with new characters and maps coming for free in future updates. Marvel Avengers is coming May 15th 2020 and will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming after a lengthy build-up including recent trailers. Rather than the whole game being remastered all at once, Square Enix plans to release episodic content with the first episode focusing on an expanded Midgar. The game is set for release March 3rd 2020.

Outriders were announced from People Can Fly. It’s another 3 player co-op shooter (or you can play single player). Square Enix didn’t reveal too many details and will talk more in winter 2019. The game is set to come to Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Other notable announcements included:

  • Final Fantasy VIII is getting a remaster
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Winter 2019
  • Oninaki, from the creators of I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, is coming August 22nd 2019
  • Romancing Saga 3, the SNES RPG is getting a remake and is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC and mobile devices
  • Kingdom Hearts III has some DLC coming called Re: Mind coming later this year