Katana Zero Review

Katana Zero is a fun, action-packed 2d platform game out now on Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC.

In Katana Zero you take on the role of a Ninja working for a mysterious boss who’s sending you out on contracts to take out enemies. It’s one hit kill and you have to plan your attacks carefully as one mistake means instant death. You wield a katana and take on rooms full of enemies by running, jumping, creeping through the shadows (and sometimes dancing) and taking them out one by one.

There’s a couple of core gameplay mechanics. If you die you go back in time to the start of the level (and you’re going to die a lot). Once you’ve planned out your attack and learn the mechanics of the room you take out all the bad guys. There’s also the time-mechanic that allows you to slow down time to deflect bullets or react faster than opponents.

The interesting thing about this game is the scenes in between the action sequences where character development takes centre stage. You hang out at your apartment, often annoyed by your partying neighbours. You speak to your boss who acts like your therapist whilst feeding you drugs you’re clearly dependent on. The character development is unique.

The graphics are 2D pixel art and look great. The music is awesome with atmospheric music for each level. From the thumping beats in a club to the classical music in the bosses office, each set piece offers up great music that compliments the game settings.

There’s a lot of positives for Katana Zero, however, the gameplay can get a little repetitive. The character development feels unique and offers something new and interesting to the genre. It’s also great value for money at £13.49 for Nintendo Switch.

Overall I’d recommend Katana Zero. It’s fun, not too long, engaging and would be a great addition to your Nintendo Switch collection.

Developer: Askiisoft
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch
Release date: April 18th 2019

Final Score79