Blossom Tales Review

A fun 2D RPG which takes you on a grand adventure.

Blossom Tales follows the adventures of Lilly, a Knight of The Rose and tasked with saving the Kingdom of The Blossom. You find weapons, solve puzzles and take on the evil beasts in the kingdom to save the day.

In a throwback to The Princess Bride, the story is narrated by Lilly’s Grandfather. As Lilly and her brother sit by the fire and listen to their Grandfather tell the story, you can choose some of the action. For example do you want to take on a gang of golems or a archers?

The game is inspired by The Legend Of Zelda series however it is a wonderful tribute. There are recognisable elements including hearts, weapons, puzzles, dungeons and bosses. However even though it’s comparable, it’s a great game in it’s own right.

The world is beautifully crafted. The pixel art looks great (I’m a huge fan!) and the audio brings the game together really nicely with great music and old school beeps and bops for character voices.

There’s five dungeons in Blossom Tales and they’re entertaining. In the later Dungeons the puzzles do tend to get a little repetitive. However for the most part they’re good fun. Outside the dungeons there’s plenty to explore in the world too as you talk to NPCs and gather items for them.

Blossom Tales is a more than a homage to A Link To The Past. It’s a fun RPG and if you enjoy games like this then you should give it a go.

Final Score76

Check it out for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam today.

Developer: Castle Pixel
Publisher: FDG Entertainment
Release: March 28th 2017 (PC), December 21st, 2017 (Switch)