EGX Rezzed 2019

I spent some time at EGX Rezzed this weekend exploring the world of video games.

EGX Rezzed took place from 4-6 April 2019 in East London. I went down there to chat games with as many people as I could.

EGX Rezzed is a video games event that showcases games, developers behind the games, playable early access and talks. Talks include behind the scenes in game development, demystifying the process and careers advice. Many Indie Developers were there to showcase their games. with many of them juggling audience members wanting to play their games with interviews.


Sony and Media Molecule put on Dreams sessions all day. These sessions showcased the features of the upcoming title taking on ideas from the audience. Oher games created in Dreams were also playable at the session. The sessions were interesting, comfortable (it had a lounge feel with bean bags everywhere) and the audience were really engaged.

Careers sessions were useful and interesting. They offered advice on marketing, how to get into the industry, courses available and general advice from the experts. How to get into voice acting was one of my personal favourites.

Stumbling across unknown games was a treat. I bumped into a small indie developer called Saif from Orangutan Matter developing a game called Jack. The art style caught my eye but the passion of the developer really shone through when I spoke to him. He worked in a small team of two with his wife and he’d recently had a baby. He works in his spare time on the game but the art, mechanics and polish on the game (that’s only in development) were really impressive. Meeting Saif and discovering Jack was a personal highlight.

I spoke to members of the Chucklefish team who have already had a great 2019 with Wargroove. However, there’s a lot more to come from them this year with the release of Inmost, Pathway and Timespinner.

Other notable highlights included speaking to the teams behind Space Cows – a fun twin-stick shooter from Happy Corruption, Sunless Skies from Failbetter Games and learning about the exciting point and click adventure games coming from Application Systems Heidelberg including Luna.


I spoke to developers, artists, PR, marketing and journalists. It was great to see families together enjoying games and the pure excitement of some of the younger attendees. This gave them a chance to play these games early and get inspired to get into the games industry.

All-in-all it was great fun and thanks to everyone I spoke to. If you get the chance to visit EGX Rezzed I recommend it.