Tetris 99

Watch out Apex Legends and Fortnite – there’s a new battle royale in town with Tetris 99.

Well, it’s not quite a battle royale in the traditional sense. But it certainly comes close.

Teris 99 was announced during the recent Nintendo Direct this week amongst the plethora of game announcements. Tetris 99 pits you against 98 other players in a player vs player take on one of the most popular games of all time.

As the game is player vs player you have to be online and you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online account also.

What makes this Tetris different from those before is you can see the other 98 players in the game and send blocks to help fill up the opponents boards – knocking them out one by one. As you can target other players, they can also target you.

As you play you can see the other players in the game and a countdown to see how many players are left. The game has standard controls using the d-pad to guide the blocks to the bottom, however using the left analogue stick you can target opponents.

There’s 4 types of targeting you can do in the game

  • Random – Targets random players
  • KO – Targets players who are nearly knocked out
  • Attacker – You can go after players who are targeting you
  • Badge – Targets the players who have knocked out the most

The music’s great with a dance/techno version of the classic Tetris music – making the game even more intense than before. This coupled with the new knock out system makes for a fun and frantic experience.

As surprise announcements go this one is welcome and the fact it was released just after the Nintendo Direct shows Nintendo’s really on form at the moment and long many this continue in our eyes.

There’s a Tetris resurgence at the moment with Tetris Effect also making many people’s top games of 2018 recently.

Tetris 99 is available now for free from Nintendo’s e-shop.