Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a compelling single player game so far.

Metro Exodus is a single player survival first person shooter. Unlike other games in the series, Metro Exodus takes place on the surface of a post-nuclear war ravaged Russia. Thinking they are the only survivors of The Last War, Artyom and Anna journey across Russia onboard the Aurora.

Previous Metro games have taken place below ground in the winding tunnels. Metro Exodus switches things up as the characters go above ground to explore the remains of what’s left of civilisation.

The game is all about stealth and action set pieces. There’s a fantastic train battle early on in the game where you jump from one train to another, clearing out the bad guys before blowing up their train and jumping back onto yours to the relief of your spartan soldier crew.

The weapons are varied and the gun play feels very good with pistols and rifles packing a punch. The enemies in the game range from other crews of soldiers to mutants roaming the surface of the beautiful Russian landscape.

Character development is front and centre in Metro Exodus as you get to know the crew aboard the Aurora. Combined with the run-and-gun style of action adventure first person shooters there’s also a large amount of character development and world building. Rather than jump straight into the action you can spend time hanging out with the other characters – getting to know them and listening to their stories.

The game looks fantastic on consoles and even better on PC. Digital Foundry have done some excellent analysis on this and you should definitely go and check that out.

I’m currently about 8 hours into the game and I’m enjoying myself so far. Many of the games I have played in recent times have been either huge open worlds or live service ‘grindy’ games, so the single player focus is refreshing.

I’m looking forward to spending more time in the world and the story is compelling enough to bring me back. We’ll bring you a full review soon.

You can check out the first 45 mins here.