Design Play Disrupt London

This exhibition pulls back the curtain on the design process in video games.

Video Games: Design/Play/Disrupt is an exhibition looking at the design process in video games, the industry issues and cultural impact.

There are 4 sections to the exhibition – design process, industry discussion, cultural impact and interaction.


Modern games including Journey, The Last Of Us, Bloodborne, Splatoon and No Man Sky are focused on. The design process is highlighted with sketches, concept art, music and prototypes on display for the game.

Industry Discussion

Industry professionals are interviewed discussing technological and cultural impacts of the video games industry including guns, women and breaking down the stereotypes. You can find the videos and links to key articles here.

Cultural Impact

You step into a huge theatre to watch League Of Legends battles in the stadiums of South Korea and the epic space battles of Eve Online. Multiplayer games are the focus here as video games have moved out of the single-player story into the massive online battles we know today.


The final part of the exhibition is an interactive zone where you can play some lesser-known games however it gets you hands-on and interacting after a lot of reading and watching.

I really enjoyed my time at the exhibition. It’s great to see behind the scenes of the design process giving you a glimpse of the hard work that goes into creating these worlds. The industry discussion section is very important as we look at the role of video games in society. If you can get to this exhibition I’d recommend it as it has something for all ages.

Check out the exhibition now at The V&A Museum in London, UK until 24th February 2019.