2018 In Review

2018 was a great year for games.

Some of my top games from 2018 include: 

Destiny 2: Forsaken
God of War 
Red Dead Redemption 2

Celeste was a fantastic platformer, smooth mechanics, fun puzzles and very satisfying. It has a great story which is hard hitting in places as a young girl climbs a mountain to face her inner demons. If you haven’t played this one I definitely recommend picking it up – it’s available on all platforms, however I played in in the Nintendo Switch. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken was the Taken King-style expansion that really re-juvinated the Destiny franchise. Learning a lot from the launch of Destiny 2 and subsequent DLCs with a patricular focus on Warmind, Destiny 2 Forsaken reintroduced random rolls, had a great story campaign, killed off Cayde-6 and introduced us to The Dreaming City. The Last Wish raid was a huge success including an 18 hour + race to world first, eventually won by Clan Redeem. We’re just getting into the Annual Pass content at the moment with The Black Armoury and I’m super keen to see what Bungie do next with Joker’s Wild coming soon. Talking of looking forward to what’s coming next, it’ll be interesting to see where Bungie take Destiny now they’ve split from Activision. 

God of War was a great single player story game, winning game of the year at The Game Awards 2018. I hadn’t played the previous God of War titles in the franchise and I was blown away by the graphics, story and relationship between father and son as they roamed the Norse landscapes. 

Finally, Red Dead Redemption 2. What more can be said about this game that hasn’t already been said? Amazing single player story following Arthur Morgan and the Van Der Linde gang as they roam the wild west. Sometimes cumbersome gunplay, this game was packed with memorable scenes (particularly one drinking session with Lenny) and once it got it’s hooks into you… it didn’t want to let go. I recently finished epilogue 2, and I can’t wait to dive back into Red Dead 2 with hopefully some DLC content from Rockstar. 

The games I missed in 2018 include Spiderman, Into The Breach and Cross Code. I’m looking forward to find some time to play these games this year for sure.