Clues Point To SNES Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon

Ever since Nintendo Switch Online was announced and we’ve had the capability to play NES games through the service fans have been calling for SNES games to be added to the library.

The SNES Mini Console was a success for Nintendo and no doubt raked in the cash, however, it could be time for SNES games to come to Nintendo Switch Online if a new FCC filing is accurate. Nintendo did state in a recent investor call they wanted to bolster the Nintendo Switch Online offering by making it more attractive to audiences.

Originally reported on resetera forums by user Link83, Nintendo has filed for a new wireless controller for Nintendo Switch that looks very similar to a SNES controller. This is similar to the wireless NES controller that was successfully launched with the library of NES games.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for these 8 and 16-bit games and the success of the SNES classic and the previous Wii U store shows there’s an ongoing appetite to consume these classic games through modern means.

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