Nintendo Switch Online Has 10 million Subscribers

Nintendo has announced its Online Service which is required for online play has 10 million subscribers. This was confirmed by Shuntaro Furukawa at Nintendo’s recent shareholder meeting.

Nintendo said, “The number of subscribers for Nintendo Switch Online has increased steadily since the service was launched last September, and it has now surpassed 10 million accounts.”

When asked about plans for Nintendo Switch Online Furukawa responded

“In addition, we provided TETRIS 99 as a special offer to Nintendo Switch Online members this February, and then in May, began selling Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers that allow users to purchase two Nintendo Switch download titles at a discount. We recognize that making the Nintendo Switch Online service attractive to users is extremely important, and will continue to make the content of the service even more appealing going forward.”

As well as offering games like Tetris 99 Nintendo has partnered up with other services like Twitch which surely has helped matters. Games like Super Mario Maker 2 and Mario Kart with their online modes will too.

Check out the full Q&A here.

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