Valve To Release Dota Auto-Chess

A popular mod for Dota is getting its own dedicated release according to Valve. Dota Auto-Chess is a strategic spin-off of Dota that’s gained a huge fanbase unlike the official card game Artifact, which flopped hard.

Dota Auto-Chess isn’t like chess or Dota; it’s fast, strategic and focuses on automated battles between heroes from a shared pool. The goal is to create combos between selected hereos while avoiding counters. Dota Auto-Chess has 8 million subscribers in Dota 2’s Steam Workshop often having hundreds of thousands of concurrent players.

Valve updated their community via a blog post this week saying they’d flown the mod team from China to Valve HQ to discuss collaborating on an official Dota version of the game.

Valve said “If you’re like us, you’ve spent much of the last six months playing Dota Auto Chess. And if you’ve followed Valve closely over time, you know what usually comes next: we’ll play something we love or meet some people we’re inspired by and then figure out a way to work together. In fact, Dota 2 exists because a group of us here at Valve couldn’t stop playing the original mod. After we played the game, roughly 1 billion times, it was pretty clear that we should reach out to the creators, Drodo Studio, and start a conversation about working together.”

Dota Auto-Chess is one of the most popular games on Steam and it makes sense for Valve to work on this. Valve has said they’ll be talking more about their Auto-Chess release soon.

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