Bungie Nerfs Whisper Of The Worm

Bungie has announced they are going to nerf some of the most popular exotics in the game in their latest update to fans, This Week At Bungie. On June 4th The Season Of Opulence begins and with it, a few changes are coming to popular weapons including Whisper Of The Worm.

Whisper of The Worm, a popular sniper rifle, has been changed so now the perk White Nail pulls ammo from reserves rather than thin air. Whisper Of The Worm has arguably the best DPS in the game and White Nail allowed players to pretty much fire infinitely as long as they got crit shots. The nerfing mirrors what happened in the original Destiny when Blackhammer was adjusted in a similar fashion. The reserve ammo has been increased to 18 to compensate.

Sleeper Simulant has also been nerfed to reduce bounce damage. Sleeper Simulant is an exotic linear fusion rifle that can burn down enemies pretty fast. Non-precision shots now cause less damage.

Lord of Wolves, an exotic shotgun, has also been nerfed by 20% in PVE and it’s Release The Wolves perk has been reduced. Ace of Spades, one of the most popular hand-cannon, will also be affected. This is one of the most popular guns in PVP.

Exotic amour will be tweaked too mainly focusing on armour that returns super energy for example Orpheus Rigs, Phoenix Protocol, Skull of Dire Ahamkara. Bungie feel that if someone on your team doesn’t have these equipped then your team is at a disadvantage.

The Destiny community is less than pleased with the changes and Reddit has been on fire recently. This is a shame as this comes only days after we got a great new secret mission for Outbreak Perfected.

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