Super Mario Maker 2 Details Revealed

Nintendo showed off details of their new Super Mario Maker 2 this week in a packed Nintendo Direct focused on the upcoming game.

  • Slopes, on/off switches, snake blocks, seesaws, swinging hooks, Dry Bones shell and new sound effects
  • Custom scrolling including vertical scrolling
  • Water levels can be created by setting the level of the water and timers on the water rising and falling. Lava levels can also be created in a similar template.
  • You can set clear conditions on levels such as no deaths or collecting coins
  • New game styles include Mario 3D world which includes Cat Mario and clear pipes – although Mario 3D world features cannot be applied to other levels
  • There’s room in the new game styles for more styles! (yet to be announced but everyone is hoping for Super Mario Bros 2)
  • New themes including snow, desert, forest and day/night. Night levels mix up the levels including upside down mode underground and more slippery ice on snow levels. Items in Night Mode also change.
  • Moons – Like the opposite of Angry Suns catching the moon allows you to kill all enemies on screen at once
  • Co-op level creation for 2 players
  • Story mode!
  • Take on other people’s levels in Course World (which you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online account for). Browse levels by difficulty, location, genre and popular.
  • 100 man Mario has been replaced by Endless Challenge allowing to take on an infinite amount of random Mario levels
  • Local multiplayer for up to four players.

Check out the full Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct here.

Preorders are open for Super Mario Maker 2 now, just head on over to Nintendo’s website for more info.

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