Red Dead Online Update

Red Dead Online has been given a huge update this week and finally comes out of beta. It’s added new co-op missions, free roam activities and poker alongside the quality of life updates for the world.

A Land Of Opportunities presents new missions for the Jesscia LeClerk saga. There’s a new story for both honourable and dishonourable players. After the showdown in Fort Mercer that finished up the last missions players help LeClerk get closer to the truth concerning her husband’s murder. On the honourable Gunslinger path players get to battle the Del Lobos gang and help Marshall Tom Davies save Valentine. In the dishonourable Outlaw strand, players must assist Samson Fitch in a highway robbery and pull off an ambitious bank job. Both paths lead to a showdown in Blackwater.

There’s new free roam missions expanding with new characters from the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 and a variety of new and diverse mission types. Bring your posse top meet with Thomas the Skiff Captain down in Bayou Nwa for some honest work or visit Aberdeen Pig Farmers to get your hands dirty.

Competitive fishing is now available on-demand in one of the three new Posse Versus Challenges. Posse leaders and use the player menu to trigger posse competitions in Biggest Fish Contest, shoot the most birds in the Bird Shooting Contest or pick the most plants in the Herb Picking Contest.

There’s new dynamic events as you make your way across the lands with townsfolk and travellers in need of assistance. Or perhaps outlaws looking to prey on lone riders. XP, cash and honour and gold are all up for grabs here.

Players can now visit poker tables across towns and outposts where you can challenges friends in private matches. You can also sit at a public table where buy-ins and rewards are even higher. Poker tables seat up to six players and are available in Saint Denis, Blackwater, Valentine, Tumbleweed and Flatneck Station.

Overrun is a new Showdown Mode where holding territory is the name of the game. Work your way behind enemy lines and capture territory from your opponents while defending what’s yours. Whoever holds the most land at the end is the winner.

More will be added to Red Dead Online soon including new Free Roam characters, new Showdown modes and more.

Read the full story over on Rockstar’s Blog.

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