The Division 2 Raid Is Coming 16th May

Ubisoft has announced The Division 2 raid is coming this Thursday 16th May. The raid is called Operation Dark Hours and will allow eight players to team up and take on some of the most challenging end game content in the game.

Ubisoft says “Despite CERA’s best efforts to contain the outbreak at the Washington National Airport, the situation quickly became untenable, resulting in the airport being coated in DC-62 and subsequently abandoned. When the Black Tusk arrived in D.C., they set up shop in the now derelict airport. It’s up to you and seven friends to flush them out and you will be challenged on not only your skill but also on your ability to analyze, adapt, and cooperate.”

The raid will be released May 16th at 6pm CEST / 12pm EST. To start the raid players are going to have to speak to the helicopter pilot at Base Of Operations. This unlocks a new raid tab on the social menu allowing everyone to jump in.

As with other raids, the loot drops will be one of the main incentives in the game. New gear sets, an exotic weapon and vanity items will become available for players to grind and chase. There are also exclusive rewards for the team that gets world first and teams that beat it during the first week. There are more details on the world first race here.

To be able to get into the raid you’re going to have to be level 30, have reached World Tier 5 and Gear Score 490. You don’t need a full party of eight but Ubisoft have said the difficulty will not scale depending on how many people are in your group.

The Division 2 raid is also run on a weekly timer with boss loot only dropping once per week. You can still grind the raid but no additional loot will drop during the same week.

The Division 2 has put a lot of effort into their end game and this is the next step in the quest to give players an incentive to keep playing.

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